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½ November 27, 2016
I love finding a jewel of a movie by chance. This film is magical for many reasons including the wonderful recreation of 1950s Staten Island, the fabulous acting, soundtrack and storyline. It is the true story of the director Raymond De Felitta's Uncle, you can feel his devotion to the film. The message is what I love most of all, one can accomplish their dreams when someone loves and believes in them.
½ February 4, 2016
Well acted and well worth your time. The cast provides depth to their characters and the story, though slow, is engaging.
July 27, 2014
The film won the Audience Award at Sundance 2000. Many of the film's actors later reached national prominence as part of the HBO cable television series The Sopranos, including Michael Rispoli, Kathrine Narducci, Matt Servitto, Vincent Pastore, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Sharon Angela and Michele Santopietro (Jackie Aprile, Sr., Charmaine Bucco, Agent Harris, Big Pussy, Vito Spatafore, Rosalie Aprile and JoJo Palmice, respectively, in The Sopranos). The songs on the film's soundtrack were done by John Pizzarelli and his trio, a jazz recording artist.
October 19, 2013
Well written. Well acted. And well worth your time.
August 12, 2013
I enjoyed the movie a lot. There could have been more sustenance.
such as blaming the wife for convincing Buddy he was a looser when he wasn't. She should have been made to understand more. We as movie watchers should have had it made clears on the fact it was a true story.Martha Stearns Quanah,Tx.
½ July 12, 2013
Love Kelly MacDonald! And she's terrific in this charming little flick set in 1950s Staten Island. It's not just a vintage American slice of life, but also a gentle morality tale about the search for the American Dream and the nature of prejudice.
April 14, 2013
Well-acted but slow-moving and obvious.
March 25, 2013
Absolutely delightful in every way! I will definitely watch it again. Masterful performances. Unique and charming story, well told.
Super Reviewer
October 13, 2012
A Staten Island tough buys a house that he wants to turn into a bar, but first he must contend with the Irish immigrant residents.
This film begins slowly. For at least the first act and a good portion of the second act, Buddy is a cliche; he's a New Yorker with an assortment of meathead friends and a vocabulary that doesn't extend beyond what one might hear during fifth grade recess. He has the usual catalog of get-rich-quick schemes, and if you've seen Matt Dillon's character in Mr. Wonderful, you've heard all this before. But midway through the second act, it becomes clear that writer/director Raymond DeFelitta means to have Buddy stand in for the American Dream. The film's metaphors become clear: the racism against the Irish immigrant family, the racism against Mary's half-black child, the enormous financial hardship with which the families must contend are all facets of American history and the struggle of everyday American families. And by the end, the good people maintain peace and form a connection. It's sweet and maybe a little maudlin, but I think it works.
The performance by Michael Rispoli snuck up on me, just as the complexities of Buddy's character; I thought he was fair, but he mined Buddy for depth by the end of the film. The same goes for Kelly McDonald.
Overall, there is a lot to like about this film if you don't give up on it.
½ August 18, 2012
Moves along at a slow pace so you can enjoy every minute of it.
August 21, 2011
All family loyalties aside this is one of my all time favorite movies:)
½ December 24, 2010
I came on Two Family House quite by accident...and was so glad that I did. I gave it an A- which is a grade I rarely give. At time a bit of a stretch but I'm a softie and this really moved me.
December 14, 2010
courage tenacity and imagination. Follow your heart
January 30, 2010
Buddy Visalo is as Italian as they come. He's a big guy, he?s got a crew of Italian buddies, and he's got a screeching, annoying Italian wife. And they all reside in a thoroughly Italian neighborhood, circa 1956. But, as Italian as Buddy is, can he live forever with a woman who continually stomps on his dreams? Maybe not. But, no matter how bad his marriage becomes, there are certain things no true-blooded Italian man would ever do. But Buddy Visalo is not your typical man.

Buddy is the man of the house in the surprising film "Two Family House." His newly purchased house has an upstairs apartment, and Buddy needs to evict the tenants, a lowly and annoying Irish dude, and his young, sexy, and pregnant wife. It is the wife, played by the simultaneously plain and alluring Kelly Macdonald (the wife in No Country for Old Men) who becomes, along with Buddy, the focus of our story.

It is a tale of ethnic tension, magnified further as the story unfolds. But I won?t give any of that away. The surprises forthcoming are a large part of what makes this film special.

There are times when we are about to give up on these characters, realizing that their social faults are just a sign of those times. It provides a stark reminder of how bad racial divisions were in this country just a few decades ago. But, as disheartening as much of this story is, it takes a couple of remarkable and unexpected turns, and rewards us in several beautiful ways.
January 21, 2010
A movie not to be missed.
January 20, 2010
I read a review of this film when it was released (to a few theaters) that conveyed the beauty of the portrayals, the script, and the film itself so well that I never forgot that review. When I finally saw this film, I knew why the critic had fallen in love. Michael Rispoli gives the finest romantic male lead performance since Cary Grant in "Affair to Remember". It's not overtly sentimental, it's not predictable at all, and it's not even fantastical. It is grounded in reality, well-written & directed, and contains fine performances. Underrated, overlooked, and almost forgotten unless you have a crush on Michael Rispoli like me and "Lose her" become the most lovely line of all time.
September 9, 2009
outstanding story about love and not giving up on your dreams...
August 9, 2009
This is one of those movies that I will stop and watch all the way through if I catch it on tv. It truly is a feel good movie. Not normally a movie theme I would enjoy but, it just get to me, this movie.
½ January 28, 2009
Falls into the "one of the best movies no one else has ever heard of" categories. Sometimes the lack of hype can improve your feeling towards a film, since it rises above non-existent expectations - but it still has to be good.

I'm as cynical as the next guy, but this is a heartwarmer I never get enough of. The acting is spot on, it's funny, it's subtle in all the right ways, and the movie earns the sweet ending by never being too contrived or cute or over-the-top. It's genuinely funny and charming as it builds to its conclusion.

For those that were fans of Kelly MacDonald from Trainspotting, or more recently No Country For Old Men, check this out.
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