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½ June 24, 2011
A black and white cowboy movie made in 1955 which is not to bad. Has a lot of good actors and actress from that time frame in it. Peggie Castle who plays the two gun trick shot lady. William Talman ( From Perry Mason the DA) who played the undercover Marshall, and Joe Besser (Stinky from the Abbott and Costello Show) who played Doc McGunis the 2 gun lady's assistant. This film is about the two gun lady getting revenge for her mother who was shot in the back by the son of a man in the town she just arrived in. Mean while the marshal is undercover trying to track down the same man. All in all a good 1955 cowboy movie. Not a spaghetti Western or a western more or less like the cowboy movies of old. This one is worth 3 1/2 stars.
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