Two Step Reviews

August 6, 2015
The Austin-set thriller "Two Step" approaches tension a lot like the region's barbecue, with enough methodical, indirect heat to make for plenty of flavor when it's time to bite.
July 31, 2015
Alex R. Johnson's Texas-set neo-noir... begins slowly and surely before ratcheting up the tension to terrific effect.
July 30, 2015
A nasty, flawlessly acted little gem that goes deep inside its characters' psyches.
July 30, 2015
Hébert's terrifyingly electric performance keeps the heat turned up enough to make the bloody climax feel like relief.
Top Critic
July 29, 2015
There's a lot to admire in the slow-burning build of Texas ambiance and dialogue.
July 29, 2015
A slow-burn thriller with rich Texas flavor, Two Step reps a promising feature debut for writer-director Alex R. Johnson.
July 28, 2015
A noir character study where loss, suffering, and self-preservation drive criminal and victim alike.