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U-Turn Quotes

  • Blind Man: A man with no ethics is a free man.

  • Blind Man: Everything is everything. And everything is nothing, too.

  • Toby N. Tucker: I don't think you know who I am. The name's Toby N. Tucker. People round here call me TNT. You know why?
    Bobby Cooper: Because they're not very imaginative?
    Toby N. Tucker: 'Cause I'm just like dynamite, boy, and when I go off, somebody gets hurt.

  • Sheriff Potter: She liked fuckin' her papa.

  • Bobby Cooper: Listen to me you stupid fuck...
    Darrell: No! You listen to me goddamnit! Ya sorry son of a bitch! You owe me money! And this car aint goin' no place 'till I get it!

  • Grace McKenna: Don't you want to know? Was Jake my father? Was I fucking my daddy? Yes, I was! I was fucking my daddy! And I married him! I married him, okay? I just wanted to be a kid. And they took that from me. They treated me like meat. A piece of meat. Fuck him! Fuck the whole town, they deserve to die!

  • Grace McKenna: [laughing insanely] You hit me... Bobby! [stop laughing] You motherfucker!

  • Blind Man: Your lies are old but you tell them pretty good.

  • Bobby Cooper: You don't know what you're fighting for!
    Toby N. Tucker: My honour! That's what I'm fighting for!

  • Darrell: You think bad, and bad's what you'll get.
    Bobby Cooper: That's an interesting philosophy there, Darrell.
    Darrell: Yeah. And no charge.

  • Toby N. Tucker: I'll beat you so bad I'll make your mother sick!

  • Bobby Cooper: I'm here to get my car back.
    Darrell: You got the money?
    Darrell: Two hundred dollars in hundred dollar bills, this morning you was flat out broke.
    Bobby Cooper: That's none of your fucking business.
    Darrell: I don't want no dirty money. I run a clean business!

  • Jake McKenna: [walks in on Bobby and Grace kissing] Grace!
    Grace McKenna: Jake! I thought you were in Phoenix.
    Jake McKenna: Who the hell is this?
    Bobby Cooper: Who the hell are you?
    Jake McKenna: I'm her husband!
    Bobby Cooper: Husband?

  • Grace McKenna: [indicates his two missing fingers] You should be more careful.
    Bobby Cooper: Yeah I know...

  • Bobby Cooper: [looks at Jake] What about him?
    Grace McKenna: Let him watch. I want him to know what he's missing.

  • Bobby Cooper: [speaking to Darrell] 40,000 thousand people die every day in the world, why can't you be one of them?

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