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UHF is bizarre, freewheeling, and spotty, though its anarchic spirit cannot be denied.



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When a desperate UHF station gives the seriously odd George the job of manager, he proves to be a programming genius, turning the station around -- and attracting the attention of an unscrupulous competitor. This comedy focuses most of its creative attention on numerous bizarre television parodies featured throughout.


Weird Al Yankovic
as George Newman
Kevin McCarthy
as R.J. Fletcher
Michael Richards
as Stanley Spadowski
Stanley Brock
as Uncle Harvey
Trinidad Silva
as Raul Hernandez
Billy Barty
as Noodles
John Paragon
as Richard Fletcher
Fran Drescher
as Pamela Finklestein
Sue Ane Langdon
as Aunt Esther
David Proval
as Head Thug
Grant James
as Killer Thug
Emo Philips
as Joe Earley
Jay Levey
as Gandhi
Nik Hagler
as FCC Man
Robert K. Weiss
as Bartender
Eldon G. Hallum
as Spatula Husband
Harry Kipper
as Kipper Kid
Sherry Engstrom
as Spatula Wife
Sara Allen
as Spatula Neighbor
Bob Hungerford
as Sy Greenblum
John Cadenhead
as Crazy Ernie
Ivan Green
as Earl Ramsey
Adam Maras
as Joel Miller
Joseph Witt
as Little Weasel
Tony Frank
as Teri's Father
Billie Lee Thrash
as Teri's Mother
Lisa R. Stefanic
as Phyllis Weaver
Nancy Johnson
as Big Edna
Wilma Jeanne Cummins
as Little Old Lady
Cliff Stephens
as Animal Deliveryman
Dr. Demento
as Whipped Cream Eater
Roger Callard
as Conan the Librarian
Robert Frank
as Timid Man
Jeff Maynard
as Boy with Books
Barry Friedman
as Fletcher Cronie #1
Kevin Roden
as Fletcher Cronie #2
Bob Maras
as Thug #3
George Fisher
as Thug #4, Thug
Tony Salome
as Guide #1
Joe Restivo
as Guide #2
Belinda Bauer
as Mud Wrestler
Lori Wagner
as Mud Wrestler
M.G. Kelly
as Promo Announcer (voice)
Jay Gardner
as Promo Announcer (voice)
John Harlan
as Promo Announcer (voice)
Jim Rose
as Promo Announcer (voice)
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Audience Reviews for UHF

  • Sep 27, 2013
    From the master of parody, "Weird Al" Yankovic, comes the brilliantly hilarious cult comedy UHF. When George Newman becomes the manager of a fly by night UHF television station his unique programming ends up turning it into the number one station in town. The writing is very good, featuring clever parodies of Indiana Jones, Rambo, Network, Conan, Gandhi, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Starring Michael Richards, Fran Drescher, Victoria Jackson, and Billy Barty, the film has some great comedic talent. And in addition to writing and starring, "Weird Al" contributes several songs to the soundtrack. One of the best parody films ever made, UHF is wildly entertaining and full of laughs.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2011
    Weird Al has much better musical parody ideas than for film, but offers a couple laughs here & there. First place I ever saw Michael Richards who plays a slow janitor with a deep emotional attachment to his blue-handled mop, I still remember & chuckle over the moment where he retrieves it from the bad guys and swings it back & forth with the sound effects of a lightsaber.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 31, 2010
    goofy and very hysterical, you have to be in the right mood to watch it because its so silly, but hey that's Weird al in a nutshell
    Michael E Super Reviewer
  • Oct 10, 2010
    'Weird Al' Yankovic is primarily a comedic songwriter and parody musician, but in his first instance of movie stardom, he shines brighter than ever. During the eighties the absolute best parody films were made, including Leslie Nielsen's "Spy Hard" and "Naked Gun", Mel Brooks' History of the World Part One, and a bevy of other films that were both cheesy and highly enjoyable. Yankovic is best known for his re-workings of popular songs, and here he takes stabs at other films, including "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and "First Blood." Besides all the mentions of famous films, there are some very original laughs to be had with Yankovic's off brand and zany humor. His acting is surprisingly focused and his character comes off as charmingly befuddled throughout. Besides a controlled performance from Yankovic there is a highly talented cast assembled: Fran Drescher pre-Nanny fame shows up as the outspoken secretary turned reporter, Michael Richardson pre-Seinfeld busts out as a kooky janitor turned children's TV show host, and Victoria Jackson plays Weird Al's responsible girlfriend. The premise of the film isn't all that out there, as Weird Al plays George Newman, a down and out man at the middle road in his life eventually getting the manager's position at a local UHF station. He makes the station popular with weird shows that generate a lot of buzz, but he has to stop the maniacal competitor who is trying to buy the station out from under them. It's sweet, spontaneous, and pretty much the epitome of classic comedy film, so if you haven't given it much credence beforehand, do so now.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer

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