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Un Posto ideale per uccidere(An Ideal Place to Kill) Reviews

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½ February 21, 2011
Here's a change of pace for Umberto Lenzi. Basically a home invasion flix w/out as much sleaze. Sure there is a bit of trash to this but nowhere up to the director's level. I saw this under the title Diry Pictures so I was expecting more. Ray Lovelock & Ornella Muti are selling nudie pictures to fiance their trip across Europe until they are nabbed by the police. On the lam they take shelter @ a house they think empty only to find the owner has killed her husband & is going to blame it on the couple. Not bad cat & mouse but never gains any excitement unless you count Ornella Muti's sugar boobies. She's hot as hell & her eye candy is the best part
½ October 17, 2009
Released here as Oasis of Fear it is a fairly cheesy 70s sexploitation thriller but enjoyable enough if you are into these types of film.
½ September 24, 2009
Enjoyable Giallo. Not at all violent really but focuses on the 3 leads and the relationship and betrayal between them. Soundtrack in particular really captures the mood and tone and establishes the time it was set. Bonnie and Clyde influenced.
½ July 28, 2009
eli a.k.a. oasis of fear. Huonompaa Lenzia ja saatanan feikkitissit alkoi ärsyttää.
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