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April 5, 2010
Detrás de cada puerta pueden existir historias dignas de llegar a la pantalla grande. �sta es el caso, con una narrativa muy clásica y la efectividad del cine francés. Altamente recomendable.
March 25, 2010
La primera vez que la vi, me distraje mucho, pues estaba haciendo otra cosa en simultaneo... Eso no me dejó observarla como se debía... Ahora la vi como debe ser, es una película para coleccionar... Una historia magnifica, el tiempo es perfecto para que se desarrolle cada parte, los actores son excelentes, el vestuario muy bueno, buena fotografía... Es una película magnifica...
March 19, 2010
Muy buena peli francesa.
March 14, 2010
Un film pourtant bien parti avec de bonnes interprétations et une réalisation de calibre qui s'est finalement dirigé vers un autre de ces films de juifs et de deuxième guerre mondiale. Ça en devient fortement déjà vu. Dommage.
½ March 2, 2010
At first glance 'Un Secret' (A Secret) would appear to be about a family trying to recover from the war by closing off to it emotionally, at for the first half or so that would appear correct.

But where most films would relish in the idea of showing the brutuality of war, 'Un Secret' is a delibrately paced dramatic mystery that takes place over three time frames where nothing is what it appears to be.

Beautifully directed by Claude Miller with a real flair for period detail and a clever, witty and alert screenplay filled with fine performances from Cecile de France, Patrick Bruel, Mathieu Amalric and in particular Julie Depardieu (who won a best supporting actress Cesar) and Ludivine Sagnier.

A surprisingly film on all accounts that looks at the bond between family, the past and the war... a finely told story.
February 18, 2010
Well-acted, and the first hour promises to weave past, further past, and present into an interesting tapestry of memory, cause and effect, and faith. But the film takes a turn by focusing solely on one of its three timelines for the bulk of its latter run time and turns into the very thing it was trying to avoid: a "Jews in WWII" movie.
January 8, 2010
I can't believe Hannah let herself be known the the Nazi soldier that she was Jewish, then let her own child get taken captive. They were killed that very day for her stupidity. Don't get me wrong the film was great. Must see.
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January 2, 2010
Flicked through this rather than watched it, so will not rate the movie. I don't know why, but I expected this to be a romantic comedy from the cover, so I got quite a shock when it turned out the be such a serious topic. I don't mind serious movies, but could not really get into this, and I was disappointed that Mathieu Amalric had such a minor role in it. I heard very good reviews of this, so even though it did not personally grab me, I am sure others would enjoy it.
January 1, 2010
"Ghosts of the past aren't so terrible... as to get to know them"
Awesome movie. Dark mystery that explores a teenager. It's amazing that the little boy's subconscious tells the truth that he had a brother. I was angry at Hannah! I think that she acted badly and sentenced to death herself and a young boy. I don't know whether it's pride or more of its desire to punish her husband sent her to this decision.
November 28, 2009
Absolutely wonderful movie. I strongly recommend seeing it. It is not your typical WWII fare. The acting is wonderful!
November 6, 2009
Nice WWII-related movie, great twists.
½ October 15, 2009
Claude Miller showcases this heartfelt stunning familes story in a surpurb way. From start to finish this film shows passion and the hardship in the times of Nazi occupied countries.
September 29, 2009
Una excelente pelicula Francesa con hermosa fotografía y ambientación de los 40´s en la Francia de la ocupación nazi. Basikmte se narra la historia de un niño (x cierto es una historia basada en hechos reales) q des de q nacio fue muy delicado y enfermizo, el cual al ir creciendo se sentía menospreciado y q decepcionaba n todo a sus padres sentía q no era lo suficientemente bueno para enorgullecelos, sin entender el xq de esto crece con inseguridades e insertidumbre, hasta q un buen día una de las amigas cercanas de la familia (q lo kiere y cuida muchisimo) decide contarle la verdad y así poder entender a sus padres. Me encantó, no dejen de verla!!!
August 29, 2009
Based on a true account, the story reveals the troubling secret of a Jewish family during World War II in Paris. Gripping story, flaring sexual tension, energized acting make this film a commendable one. 4 stars !!
½ August 22, 2009
Plot had potential to stun in film but sadly it didn't.
August 16, 2009
A Secret (2007) Un Secret. Great french movie 3 or 4 stars. Director Claude Miller Miller worked as assistant and in supervisory capacities for many of France's major New Wave directors, including Robert Bresson and Jean-Luc Godard. His principal mentor was François Truffaut/. Yes this film is another french film about the holocaust and its effects, but I dont mind its a good film. Before the Concentration camps and as France was occupied by the Nazis Jewish families had to cope with the Jew Laws in Occupied France.This is the story of one families coping. Francois's parents have denied of their Jewish Heritage. Francois, lonely 7 yr old boy (Valtin Viguort) has an imaginary brother and slowly uncovers his families Jewishness and information regarding the atrocities in Germany and how it affects their family. The parallel stories of the two boys becomes confusing but all is made clear in the end. I like this movie its very nicely filmed but wish the director has chose a more normal time line approach to telling the story. I remained confused till the end of the movie and from the other reviews most people were also.
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August 10, 2009
There?s a moment in ?A Secret,? Claude Miller?s absorbing adaptation of the autobiographical Philippe Grimberg novel, when a French Jew, operating with a false gentile passport during the World War II Nazi occupation, makes a decision under questioning that seals her fate, along with her son?s. For the purposes of narrative surprise we?ll keep it vague; it?s enough to say that her actions, made with a heavy, breaking heart, do not constitute one of those trumped-up ?Sophie?s Choice? moral dilemmas that aren?t really moral dilemmas at all. (?Sophie?s Choice,? both on the page and on the screen, reduces its tragic heroine?s grim choice to a terrible, no-win situation, which isn?t the same thing as moral complexity.) Here, though, the choices made force the audience to regard a key character in a new way. And while Miller?s film brings a touch of gloss to its melange of remembrance and romantic triangulation, it tells its painful story briskly and well. In the early sections of ?A Secret,? set in the recent past, Mathieu Almaric plays Francois, who looks back at life with his fabulously charismatic fitness-minded parents, competitive swimmer Tania (Cecile de France) and gymnast Maxime (French pop star Patrick Bruel). Solitary and bookish, the young Francois we see in flashbacks invents for himself an imaginary brother. Then, at 15, he learns the truth about his parents? wartime life, in the decade prior to Francois? childhood. That secretive past involves a half-brother he never knew. The acting is exceptional. If parts of ?A Secret? veer toward soap opera, the ensemble work reduces the suds to a minimum.
½ August 2, 2009
Not really a movie about the Holocaust so much as a movie about the choices we make in life. One of those movies where seemingly random plot points all come together and satisfy in the end. Well worth it.
July 22, 2009
A la vue du nom de Patrick Bruel j'aurais tendance à zapper, mais je dois reconnaitre qu'il est crédible dans le rôle du juif qui renie ses origines. L'histoire est déjà vue maintes fois (originalité zéro), mais n'en reste pas moins poignante sur le drame des enfants victimes de l'holocauste.
½ June 22, 2009
Voir "Un Secret" a été un peu plus qu'une simple projection d'un film, pour moi, pour d'autres personnes. Pour de multiples raisons. Cette vision fait suite à l'étude du roman que j'ai proposé à mes 3e, que la plupart ont apprécié à mon avis, et que j'ai beaucoup aimé également. Vision dans le cadre des cours, donc, qui intervient dans une période de fin d'année de 3e où les heures "vibrent" différemment des autres, où chaque événement résonne de manière étrange. Cette projection elle-même a été à fleur de peau. La musique délicate au piano qui habite la salle de projection pendant un bon quart d'heure avant l'arrivée des élèves et baigne nos discussions. L'émotion propre au film, relativement proche du roman dans son adaptation, mais qui a su révéler les moments phares et les incarner de manière juste. Et le reste, ces émotions impalpables qui nous traversent... Des séquences, des plans, qui nous évoquent des moments particuliers, des dialogues qui rappellent des conversations, des non dits qui en dévoilent d'autres... J'ai aimé porter ce film en moi longuement, avec le secret espoir qu'il trône un jour en belle place dans ma vidéothèque pour des raisons autres que cinématographiques. Comme une madeleine de Proust de ces beaux moments vécus en ce mois de juin 09.
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