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January 31, 2013
Something is wrong with Virginia's baby... After years of trying, Virginia and her husband resort to an experimental form of in-vitro fertilization, but when the other women from the clinic begin dying under mysterious circumstances, the truth behind Dr. Meyerling's secret procedures can finally be found in THE UNBORN! Brooke Adams stars as our delusional mother-to-be, whose frightening descent in to madness is slightly reminiscent of Catherine Deneuve's performance in REPULSION, though far less effective. The plot clearly combines the body horror themes present in both SCANNERS and (much more apparently) IT'S ALIVE, this time attacking the latent fears behind in-vitro fertilization rather than morning sickness medication or contraceptives. As a Roger Corman production, one can expect an overall cheapness in design, both for the killer fetus and the locales, but first-time director Rodman Flender does what he can to instill a dark, oppressive mood over the picture. THE UNBORN is certainly no masterwork of cinema, but it plays nicely with GRACE, BABY BLOOD, and other like-minded thrillers.
July 14, 2012
The children...they're coming for us...the want to kill us!
June 7, 2012
Brooke Adams = awesome..
..but this movie, not so much. Very '70s ending though..
Basically a science-based Rosemary's Baby.
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