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September 7, 2015
Lifetime with a holiday theme is a great match for some light entertainment.
December 4, 2013
What a piece of crap, it's a wonder the producers didn't get sued by the producers of ghost. A snotty kid with a bad attitude, coupled with a Plain Jane redheaded mom who should have never entered the dating game if she wasn't ready. A total waste of two hours
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December 2, 2013
Sad, but sweet movie.
½ December 4, 2011
The premise is ridiculous in so many ways, but something about this movie was really good. I was even sobbing at one point.
November 9, 2011
It is a very good Christmas movie with drama, comedy, and love combined with the sadness of losing a loved one. Two thumbs up. I had to dry some tears and I am a guy. It will tug at your heart.
December 19, 2009
This is a wonderful movie to see. This is about a boy who lost his dad a year ago and claims that he talks to his father. With help with Jonathan's father's spirit they try to get his mother to date again by calling into a radio station. Susan cannot get over her husbands death. So it is hard for her to start dating again, but the son had good intentions. But it turns out that she thought she had a nice guy from the dating contest but she realizes her real match was right there all a long. She found out that she has feelings for Jonathan's councelor.
December 6, 2009
a cute but very sad and happy story. its sad that she lost her husband, but im glad that she was able to find love again. i thought the guy that from the radio show was a real jerk i am so happy that she didn't pick him!
December 16, 2008
Literally one of the best films i've ever seen :)
December 14, 2008
Pretty predictable movie.. had some loose ends such as the necklace- wasn't explain as why it suddenly disappeared from around her neck??
It could of been sad but even though the main actress cried, i somewhat didn't feel as if she was really sad?.. wouldn't watch it again.
December 9, 2008
I love Michael Shanks:)
March 5, 2008
This was an amazing movie. Michael Shanks and Jaime Ray Newman are really talented actors
February 27, 2008
Want to see this as i stars Michael Shanks
December 23, 2007
Great Christmas flick...
December 23, 2007
kinda sad-
December 19, 2007
nice soppy romance, which is awesome purely because it has Daniel Jackson in it (otherwise known as Michael Shanks)
December 9, 2007
Charmless Christmas pap in which an unlikeable widow treats everyone around her like crap but finds love anyway. A misconceived mish mash of ideas that don't add up to much.
December 5, 2007
this one was really sweet. I almost cried lol. Another sappy finding-love-in-unexpected-places movie!
December 1, 2007
I really like this movie but not as much as all my other favorite Christmas movies from those kind of channels like Lifetime and Hallmark and ABC Family. This movie isn't one of my actual favorite movies, but I'm just trying to put all my favorite Christmas movies on this list. Most of the ones I REALLY like aren't even on this website, so for a full list of my favorite Christmas movies, look on my profile under 'About Me'.
November 23, 2007
I like this movie Because it has my favorite actor.
December 20, 2006
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