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December 29, 2014
Not as good as i remembered it to be, which is expected. The running around the battleship is still kinda fun, but action wasn't nearly as good as i thought.

However, it is still watchable. Not a lot of action films from back then can call themselves that.... (I wish i havn't watched Bloodsport again... it was darn awful). This probably is his best (i knowthat doesn't really say a lot), featuring Steven Seagal at the pinnacle of his career. The thing is after watching it again, the lead could've been anyone. Or maybe not, he's the freaking STEVEN SEAGAL man!.... how did he get famous again?
November 24, 2014
By a country mile Steven Segal's best movie, predictable, yes, but great fun. Segal is his usual wooden self, but the supporting cast of baddies led by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey are great
October 5, 2014
This is one of the movies in which Steven Seagal starred in near the beginning of his film career. He's cast in 'Under Siege' as Casey Ryback, an ex-Navy SEAL and current chef who comes out of retirement to encounter a team of terrorists who have hijacked the battleship, in which he works on. It's packed with thrills and amazing shootout moments and martial arts mayhem performed brilliantly by Seagal. It's a worth watch and is a well remembered action flick. And with the casting of Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey as the main villains brings entertainment to the movie, due to the great acting. It's probably Seagal's best action flick!
September 25, 2014
My choice for Steven Seagal's best film, and his best role as Casey Ryback: the former US Navy SEAL whose best line is still probably "I also cook".

Even if the film is, effectively, Die Hard on a ship (no bad thing).
September 15, 2014
Lot of action. Typical Seagal movie.
September 10, 2014
One of the better 'Die hard' rip-offs, thanks to a solid cast & excellent direction by Andrew Davis. Seagal does fine in the lead role, which is tailor-made to his limited acting abilities (he does get to show a bit of comic timing & drama) while getting to show off his impressive martial arts skills. It's the rest of the cast who shine though, with Jones & Busey having a great time as the villains while Eleniak, in what could have been a ridiculous role, displays great charm & humor as the sole female in the cast. Behind the camera, Davis delivers some great action & makes excellent use of the battleship setting, while the script has plenty of great one-liners to keep you laughing. The one flaw as that you never feel Seagal's character,Casey Ryback, is ever not going to win, and he looks just as good at the end of the movie as the beginning (contrast that with John Mclane in "Die Hard", who is a bloody mess at the end). Still, a very entertaining action movie and the best of Seagal's career.
½ August 21, 2014
classic 90's action movie that wants to be die hard so bad. Steven Segal lacks the personality or physicality of bruce willis, and he would never be allowed to take his shirt off in movies these days. Tommy lee jones is having fun as a villain thats a precursor for his two face. Its not so stupid that its flat out bad but its never great so its not good to watch as a good or bad movie.
August 9, 2014
I love this flick. Watch it over and over and over - each time trying to count the number of baddies Seagal put down. Busey and Jones are wonderful as the nasty leaders of the baddies. This is my ind of chick flick - and no one needs to take it so seriously.
½ August 2, 2014
Saturday night fun!:)
½ July 21, 2014
Easily the best of all of Seagal's early 90s films at the height of his popularity. That might have more to do with Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey though.
July 11, 2014
Under Siege Is A Hijacking Classic.

Grade B+
July 9, 2014
Seagal's best film, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey play great lead villains and Seagal is not bad either. All around, a fun action movie.
July 8, 2014
Steven Seagal's career-defining film is a fun enough, albeit unexceptional, action caper (though the manner in which archival footage is blended into the production is outstanding). People are creatively killed, things are blown up, there's some wonderful tough guy talk and Tommy Lee Jones is perfectly cast as the cartoon villain. As enjoyable as it is forgettable, it was nominated for two technical Academy Awards and was followed by a sequel in 1995.
June 29, 2014
It's one of my favorite Die Hard Ripoff.
½ June 15, 2014
A rare Steven Seagal success story, "Under Siege" is quite openly a product of its time, but still a pretty fun mindless action film.

The film, directed by Andrew Davis (Above the Law, The Fugitive), tells the story of a cook/former SEAL, who must overcome a team of terrorists who have taken control of a Navy battleship.

While Seagal pulls out his martial arts moves a few times, most of the fun comes from the insanity ridden performances as the terrorist ringleaders by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey. Jones in particular is so memorable that he raises this film from a middling so-so action film into a memorable flick that you could potentially rewatch.

A fun action romp.
June 7, 2014
So dopey. Yet somehow Seagal's most believable movie... good amount of various types of action, and sometimes a bit shockingly brutal. Lamest female character so far though.
½ May 18, 2014
Tommy Lee jones once agan saves an action film that is routine and predictable
April 30, 2014
This movie got me interested in Steven segal action films. The plot is good, the action is great, I don't know, there's just something about a navy seal kicking ass
April 18, 2014
"Predictable yes (Entertaining none the less)"


This film is sure to please action film fans; it has all the things: that a martial art, thriller, film, fan would want & added in with it is an all star cast & some decent humor that made the film entertaining, for many viewers.

Predictable yes
(Entertaining none the less)
but most films like this are; all the clichés like the bad guys taking control of the show early on to the good guy dismantling them single handily: for half the movie. A damsel in distress must be rescued; the leader of the good guys: & the head honcho of the bad guys have the climax showdown. The good guy saves the day no less.


I give this martial arts thriller film a B + (Bright)
March 3, 2014
Probably One Of Segal's Best, The Cook That Everyone Under-Estimated. Erica Ain't Lookin Bad Either.. ;-)
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