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½ April 14, 2013
Didn't see anything about this as being an untold story. Just a story of a bunch of nerds playing Monopoly.
March 30, 2013
I love Monopoly as much as most, but these are some nerdy mofos. I especially love the creepy cat man who makes sure to announce that he is unwed, as if the photo of him and his feline life mate upon the mantle didn't cover that.
½ March 24, 2013
I enjoy Monopoly. It brings together people and you suddenly realize who the salespeople are! My girlfriend is an absolute addict and one of the best players I've ever encountered. This film really helps capture the craze and spirit of Monopoly and how it's become a global phenomenon for the past 75 years. It's very cool to see the origins and how it fairs today. The movie mixes little factoids in and also covers the world tournament. It's a pleasant little documentary that doesn't get too in depth ok any one subject. I'd recommend giving it a look!
½ December 26, 2012
this documentary is really interesting and make me realize how big it is to just crate one simple game, like monopoly. the story isn't too boring as a plain documentary.
½ November 11, 2012
Pretty average documentary for me, but very entertaining characters involved
½ November 4, 2012
Surprisingly interesting. It's quite funny to see how serious some people take these tournaments. A well crafted, artistically made documentary about the most popular board game in history.
October 25, 2012
I like documentaries and this brings back memories of the longest games ever and not playing it right, family time, good times with friends!!
September 3, 2012
Though it is for Monopoly fanatics only, this documentary delivers exactly what it promises.
½ August 24, 2012
I would hesitate to call this gripping. The historical and cultural phenomenon aspects are interesting; the vying for various champion statuses I could have done without.
August 15, 2012
"Under The Boardwalk" is a two-fold documentary that tells the history of Monopoly and also follows several players competing in the Monopoly National Championship. Although this board game may not seem like the most exciting subject matter in the world, the documentary never drags on or has an opportunity to get boring because it is constantly interspersing segments about the competitions, history, and quirky players of Monopoly. It is definitely a film that all viewers can relate to, since this is essentially a part of every person's childhood. After seeing "Word Wars" (a similar documentary about Scrabble), I am so thankful that this film is G-rated and does not contain so much profane language that it is nearly unwatchable. It is interesting to see how the places on the board were determined, the original intent of this game, and how it eventually was picked up by Parker Brothers, but my personal favorite segment of the film is the one entitled "Collectors." This segment brings attention to the people who take Monopoly fandom a step (or three) too far. Nothing beats that Monopoly bathroom! Whether it means to or not, the segments about the people who treat Monopoly as a lifestyle provide the comic relief that prevents the film from dragging on like the actual game often does. Regardless of your interest in the game, this documentary provides a unique insight into the history and modern world of Monopoly and is definitely worth a watch.
August 10, 2012
The movie ends with a terrifying full scale human game!
Super Reviewer
August 2, 2012
"Rolling the dice is just the beginning..."

Under the Boardwalk is a surprisingly entertaining affair. I expected a sort of History Channel-esque type of documentary where we'd learn a lot about the history of the game, which this movie basically does, but it also inserts some entertainment value with the tournament play. We go through the basics, learning how the game is played. Then we talk to some people who have made Monopoly more then just part of their life. Some of them live for it. We see the game and how it started. We see the pop culture effect. People have tattoos and name their pets after characters from the game. But the most fun comes from watching the tournament and banter between players. 

At times, Under the Boardwalk had the same feel of King of Kong in that the some of the people actually had disdain for some of the other contestants. One guy in particular hated a school teacher because he was thought to have cheated to make it to the U.S. Finals. It's kind of ridiculous to think that these people take the game so seriously, but everybody has their thing. Like people who are into chess or poker and play competitively; so do these players. They are in it to win like any other competition. 

This little film isn't amazing, but it is informative and actually a decent amount of fun. I know a documentary on a board game doesn't sound like a great way to spend 88 minutes, but they make it a nice little experience. I love documentaries and will give pretty much any of them a chance, and it's always nice to see one come through that you didn't expect much from. Like Air Guitar Nation or King of Kong, it takes a subject that not too many people know about and show the competitive side of it. This one does quite make it to the level of those two, but it's still a pleasant surprise.
½ July 20, 2012
I wish this was better. I wish this movie was about the board game and its impact on American culture. Unfortunately they had to fill the movie out with the world monopoly tournament, which although interesting, subtracts from the thesis of the film. Interesting enough to watch, but flat feeling cinematography and a lack of focus on subject/event. Makes this one for board game aficionados and board doc watchers.
July 18, 2012
totally interesting. did you know there is an international championship!?! for real money!?!
½ July 17, 2012
Fun but drags itself out about 30 minutes too long. The irritating need to create a villain in these types of docs is rarely more transparent than it is here with Ken Koury filling the role through the traditional means of out-of-context editing. Don't go out of your way.
½ July 16, 2012
It is weird that people take a board game this seriously. But it was pretty funny watching these people play monopoly. I really thought the guy with the cat was really funny. I mean he has a Kmart picture of him and his cat in the background, he is the real life Kip (Napoleon Dynamite). Also, made me want to watch this tournament on TV.
July 14, 2012
If you like the game of Monopoly you will find this movie interesting. It tells the history of the game as well as the tournaments. From collectibles to tattoos. A fun documentary
July 13, 2012
It's always fun to learn about how something came to be, particularly something as culturally ubiquitous as Monopoly. This documentary tells that story in a very entertaining way, with no hidden agenda.

My favorite factoid: when the game was conceived in 1903, it was intended to be a tool of anti-capitalist radicals. Oh the irony. Now it's considered a celebration of the American capitalist system, and this documentary shows that capitalism is a truly universal system that can be understood by anyone anywhere.
½ July 9, 2012
Enjoyed the history and the gameplay in the movie. We have the Simpsons set.
July 5, 2012
Do not pass GO do not collect $200
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