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Underworld: Awakening Quotes

  • Selene: What is this place?

  • David: We stand, and we fight!

  • Lycan Creature #1: I heal instantly.
    Selene: I'm counting on it.

  • Eve: 'Its worse if you fight it ... Trust me'
    Eve: It's worse if you try to fight it, trust me.

  • Selene: I was with him one day, and when I awoke it was 12 years later.

  • Thomas: Silver ammunition!

  • Selene: My heart's not cold, it's broken.

  • Selene: This day was bound to come!

  • Selene: Where is Michael?!

  • Selene: Whatever it is they want from her, it's worth dying for.

  • Selene: She is the key to winning this war.

  • Selene: You don't know me very well.

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