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½ July 4, 2015
For a film about passion, it was oddly static.
½ December 4, 2014
I like costume dramas and period pieces as much as the next person, but this one just didn't sit that well with me at all. Despite the sumptuous detail, exquisite costumes and a great score, it failed to draw me in on an emotional level. For me, none of the characters were in any way likeable, and the worst thing was that it felt so stuffy. Besides this, I've only seen one other Catherine Breillat film, ROMANCE which, while having a depressing atmosphere that I often enjoy, was too pretentious for me to really get into. This film, combined with the other, is almost enough for me to swear off Catherine Breillat films from here on out. The basics of the story is that a young nobleman is engaged to be married, but his former mistress of 10 years (Asia Argento) doesn't want to let him go. I've never particularly liked Asia Argento, but she seemed a little more natural in French here then in the few English roles I've seen her in elsewhere. The actor who played Ryno de Marigny, the man to be married, also didn't work for me. He was so uncharismatic and it baffled me how he could have been so entranced by Asia Argento's Vellini. The only two characters that I thought were the least bit interesting were two old ladies, one of whom listens to Ryno's long story about his past with Vellini. At least they seemed like they were having fun with the material. Overall, while it might have a few interesting things to say about fidelity (or the lack thereof) in relationships and excellent production design, to me it was too emotionally vacuous and stodgy to really be effective. Maybe see this if you're a fan of Catherine Breillat, but for everyone else, there are better period pieces worth your time, such as THE INVISIBLE WOMAN.
November 16, 2013
all three and a half stars go straight to Asia Argento alone. I assume the film was shot digitally, as surely the celluloid would not be able to withstand the heat this woman generates. For fans only.
½ August 7, 2013
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(2007) The Last Mistress/ Une Vieille Matresse
(In French with English subtitles)

For some people to appreciate this film has to have a better understanding about French history since I have no idea during which person this film is set on. I do know that I had already seen this type of situation before on other historical films that taken place during that era and I must say this has to be one of the most boring ones I had ever saw. Based on the Jules-Amde Barbey d'Aurevilly novel starring Fu'ad At Aattou as a 30 year old, boyish penniless aristocrat Ryno de Marigny who's engaged to be married to Hermangarde (Roxane Mesquida)the daughter of a wealthy countess. Except that he can't seem to completely ignore this other "mistress" Vellini (Asia Argento) who also was married to a wealthy old socialite but eventually does not want to have anything to with him. For a good portion of the film, Ryno reveals to the wealthy countess how he's historically connected to his other mistress, while she determines whether he's the right person to marry her daughter. Even with the running time of 104 minutes, it still felt very long and 'shallow' for even though we have a better understanding of the situation that we seem to lose sight of the motivation which this affair was supposed to be started off with a bet between two men. This film is identical to other films such as "Dangerous Liasons", "Valmont", "Dangerous Beauty", "Bel Ami", "Restoration" and "The Duchess" among other movies.
And because it's directed by the controversial director Catherine Breillat expect small scenes of full frontal nudity of Asia Argento for you may have to wait quite awhile to see it, or use your 'fast forward' remote.

1 out of 4 stars
August 3, 2013
It was too slow for me,i couldnt get into it,nothing was happening.The only thing i really liked about it was the scenery and how beautiful it looked and how beautiful the actors were in this movie.I just couldnt finished it cuz it was getting kinda boring.
June 27, 2013
More plot than usual for a Catherine Breillat film; that still doesn't mean that it's any better than her other stuff.
February 25, 2013
Argento is the real thing; rare among her peers, she posesses many qualities that few will ever attain.
½ July 6, 2012
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½ June 26, 2012
Une vieille matresse - The Last Mistress - CATCH IT (B)
Based upon controversial French novel "Une vieille matresse/An old Mistress" by Jules Amde Barbey d'Aurevilly. Just like most of the French movies The Last Mistress doesn't hesitate from sex, seduction and brutality of love.
It's a story about a young rich French Ryno de Marigny who is ready to get married into a Nobel family. Just before getting married he confronts in front of his future rich wife's grandmother about his last old mistress of 10 years. The movie unfolds how Ryno falls head over heels for an older married woman, who is not even pretty or graceful. It's the rawness which attracts Ryno towards her, whom he first called an ugly nut.
Fu'ad At Aattou a newcomer played Ryno with utmost honesty. He is divine and his falling for an Asia Argento's ambiguous character is questionable. But that's the whole point of love, lust and seduction when two unlikely people meet and ruin everything around them along with each other. Asia Argento is amazing, even though I saw her first in Marie Antoinette as French king's crazy mistress raised question of her action ability because she acted the same as she acted here. If I ignore that she was in tedious Marie Antoinette and Une vieille matresse release long before atrocious Marie Antoneitte. I actually loved her performance. There are many few actresses who can let them emotionally and physically open like that. You forget that it's the part of an act as it looks reality. Fu'ad At Aattou and Asia Argento's chemistry makes this a memrable venture. The long sex confrontation scenes are the proof how involved they are with the subject. Roxane Mesquida as Ryno's wife is stunning as always.
Une vieille matresse is a controversial tale of lust, love and seduction. Overall, I enjoyed the movie even though I wanted the characters to be smart not so nave and stupid, lost in sex, lust and seduction.
June 12, 2012
Good film. Intelligent, but stiffly acted and glacially paced -- to its detriment.
May 1, 2012
Argento is an amazing actress. A movie that makes a quiet passion passionate.
April 3, 2012
that boys face is beautiful...
March 25, 2012
Really had to force myself to watch this one. Costume dramas, ugh.
March 19, 2012
Glorious to look at, Breillat's latest release (in the U.K.) further explores her fascination with gender politics, but this time round its her most intelligent and engaging effort yet, thanks in part, to the pitch-perfect performances of Argento, Ait Aatou, Lonsdale and Moreau.
March 3, 2012
Either to love or to hate; either to die or to live, it's not a simple story how love can drive people apart, it's how love tears your heart into pieces then sewing back with ugly scars then ripe them off when it's still freshly hurt...So, does he still believe in Love? Or is there any left for him?
February 19, 2012
I have a weakness for period drama and romance, so this film is right up my alley. I found it interesting because it looks deeply at a flawed but honest relationship. Even if her character Vellini isn't always very likeable, Asia Argento deserves all the praise she's gotten. Her performance is fierce, fearless and feral. There is a scene at the very end of the film when new bride Hermangarde might have had a chance to steer her marriage to de Marigny in a different direction. But she is in pain because of his betrayal, and she chooses to condemn her husband, essentially kicking him when he's down so he has no choice but to return to Vellini. It's tempting to say that Vellini's hold on de Marigny is purely sexual, but it isn't. These two have been through so much together and they really love each other. The dark times they've shared together don't bind them as much as their genuine affection and caring for each other.
½ January 14, 2012
Ever more dangerous liaisons.
January 3, 2012
Although not in the mood for subtitles(keeps me from multitasking),I found this to be beautifully well done & well worth the trouble.
½ September 25, 2011
One of the better bodice rippers I've seen.
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