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½ February 8, 2017
A lot of laughs without being mean. Occasionally the writing lets it down, but that's definitely the exception rather than the rule. It's not too serious, and if you think the idea has potential, then you'll probably enjoy the result.
½ January 14, 2017
Where the video games come alive.

If you read the title correctly, you would think it's a little kid's film, especially for girls. Even the title design gives the same impression, more like a fairytale. But shockingly, this film was very different. This is about the gamers, the people who are crazy about video games. It was like a comic con, the film characters decide to create a utopia for the gamer with their favourite gaming characters. So they gather outskirt of the town and when everything was going well, they bump into a series of trouble, especially the founder of it. Coming out of it is the rest of the film to reveal.

It is not my favourite, but one of the best B movies I have seen and a bit refreshing. My appreciation is according to how they managed to give this product with the limited financial support. The quality of the film was so good. The performances were well recognisable. Since it was a comedy, sometimes the flaws are gone unnoticed. Not a bad attempt for the first time direction. Though the story was easy, predictable, but still enjoyable. Surely some people will find it good, even better than I did, so I hope this film reaches them instead of those who criticise it.

½ March 3, 2016
Loved it! Great cast and story
½ February 6, 2014
Funny, but also emotional enough to make you care about the characters. A small band of dreamers band together to defeat Uncle Rico (John Gries), the evil dungeon master.
½ January 30, 2014
There were a few laughs in this but they were too spaced out. Quite predictable and as much I like to make fun of LARPing it was a bit much at times.
January 21, 2014
Such a sweet movie. Very geeky of course, but had a nice tone to it anyway.
Silliness and laughter and a little cluelessness are throughout.
½ December 31, 2013
boring and pretty pitiful...
½ November 4, 2013
A great indie comedy about a bunch of nerds playing fantasy role playing games. Unicorn City knows its target audience and it delivers 100% with a fun, smart story that leaves you feeling good at the end. Voss is an angry nerd who wants to get 'The Job' at a major table-top game company, and to do so, he has to prove himself as a leader. Thus, he creates Unicorn City, and has to deal with an arch rival, a bunch of misfit gamers and one beautiful blonde geek girl who's obviously in love with him. Devin McGinn plays Voss like a gamer version of Michael Scott just right, but Jaclyn Hales as Marsha nails her geek girl role perfectly. You can tell the cast had fun making this, and as a whole, Unicorn City doesn't leave any plot holes, even thought the story is quite simple, and is delivered like an 80s comedy. My only complaint is the soundtrack, it's indie, most likely to remind the viewers that this is an indie film, but it's also lame, too weak for a movie about people playing a fantasy role playing game with knights, dragons, wizards and such. An epic 80s soundtrack, or a parody of it - much like Regular Show - would improve the entire movie. That, or some power metal. Overall, Unicorn City was a pleasant surprise and definitely a comedy worth your time.
August 4, 2013
Who is this written for?
½ August 1, 2013
Not the greatest film but in no way did it need to be. It made me laugh unexpectedly and really get into the socially awkward characters. Mostly because I know people just like them.
July 5, 2013
This movie is basically what some people think I do with my life.
Super Reviewer
½ July 4, 2013
A movie made for geeks by geeks. One that doesn't choose to make the characters a point of mockery, which you can often get in movies dealing with these types of characters. It's incredibly obvious that this film had a minuscule budget but, you know what, it doesn't get in the way of this movie being so massively entertaining thanks to its cast and its clever writing that it really does overcome the fact that it's not the nicest looking movie in the world. The movie is really energetic and fun because it was very clear that the cast had a lot of fun acting silly and doing silly things and it really comes across on-screen. I've always felt that if the cast had fun making the movie then that does really add a lot to the final rating you'd give a movie, even if the script has a formulaic outline and inconsistent laughs. The script itself does have some very funny lines but, as mentioned, there comes a time about the 1 hour mark where things slow down a bit where the laughs aren't as consistent. But the movie follows that with some of the best laughs in the entire movie. For example the cops rounding the 'geeks' up as if they were cattle was absolutely hilarious. And the ending was pretty awesome as well, it's a shame that they cut away from what would've been an epic battle, but the movie does end at a high point. I suppose if there was a "problem" with the film focusing on these characters is that the movie would only appeal to a particular niche. I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, the original board game, so I literally have no idea how the dice rolling thing works. D&D has inspired the rules of modern video game RPGs so I do know that. Anyway the point is while I haven't played D&D-type board games, I'm still closer to this film's intended audience than most and I do think that all the talk of hit points, healing points, critical damage, spells giving you resistance to fire damage, etc will probably be seen as too "geeky" by someone not at all familiar with this type of game. And I don't really fault the movie for that, it really is some people's close-mindedness to other forms of entertainment. But I think if people can get over that, that this film offers an absolutely fun experience. And that's the thing you take away from this film the most, just the fact that the cast had so much fun that it was infectious and it overcame any weaknesses, like the cinematography, the formulaic plot outline and the inconsistent laughs. I could see myself watching this movie more than once and still enjoying it tremendously.
June 30, 2013
Very enjoyable watch. Didn't try too hard to be what it was. Characters very fun and all well-thought and played. Costumes and props really made the movie hilarious and lively. Great indie movie experience to watch with some nerdy friends. :)
June 23, 2013
Napoleon Dynamite meets Zardoz! Jaclyn Hale is going to be famous.
½ June 6, 2013
A very good surprise, just to show how you can make a good movie with few money and a lot of passion.
May 22, 2013
A really fun little film. Good acting, a clever plot, and a glimpse into modern nerd culture. I really enjoyed this film and have reccomending it to others who enjoy the nerdier side of life. Still no comparison to "The Dorkness Rising" or the web series "Journey Quest" but noble effort guys.
½ May 20, 2013
This movie was hysterical! Nerds and geeks (whether current or recovering) will appreciate this movie the most. My favorite scene was them attacking the car Dragon! Oh my!.
April 17, 2013
funny as hell, but if you've never played rpg's you won't get into it..
April 9, 2013

(I put this movie on to help me sleep, and ended up wide awake still by the end of it lolololol. I love love love this movie; my face muscles are sore from smiling/laughing throughout..)
½ April 7, 2013
Bland and predictable
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