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August 9, 2015
Nancy Savoca's film never quite allows it's audience to decide if it is OK to laugh or if we should feel ashamed. This thin line between dark comedy and dark drama is the gateway to Savoca's point. The film seems a bit slight, but it lingers with you. This is the kind of filmmaking it would be nice to see more of -- a realistic story about human damage that is brave enough to present these life challenges as something we must learn to deal with, live through and make the most of it. In a strange way, this movie approaches cinematic "truth" in a realism that actually makes sense. Mira Sorvino is the film's center. She is so incredibly true and realistic in her performance -- it would almost be easier for the viewer if she had pushed her realism just a little over-the-top. Lucky for us, Sorvino isn't that kind of actor. She is quietly brilliant and like her director, she's not going to offer an easy way out of the complications of family life. The film comes very close to being just shy of amazing.
March 18, 2014
Mira Sorvino in a role that matches her Oscar winning one from that woody allen film in the 90's, Tammy Blanchard anda wonderful and intense cameo by none other than Patti Lupone. Chick Flick - yeah..and I fucking ate it up!
August 24, 2013
2/5 --- Started out with the almost exact premise as "Blue Jasmine", Mira Sorvino [who even looks like Cate Blanchett and both have been in Woody Allen movies] stars as the crazy neurotic older sister who needs to stay over at her younger more stable sister's apartment she as gets her life back together. Some strange sequences, not see what was happened or said/mumbled...a couple decent emotional scene but overall just jumbled.
June 25, 2013
Interesting movie about family and reconciliation.
½ June 4, 2013
Character driven drama with each actress up to the task.....the ending rang alittle hollow with all the surpressed anger that was built up between the two but overall not bad.
½ May 24, 2013
A straightforward telling of a story that sometimes surprises you, even when the film feels uneven. Mira Sorvino is very good.
April 16, 2013
UCH!! Terrible for so many reasons. dribble, dribble, cliche, melo dramatic, tedious. I want my time back.
½ March 19, 2013
reminded me of 'sex & the city' minus 2 girls
March 10, 2013
I was really blown away from the acting in this movie. Tammy Blanchard is fantastic as always, and Mira Sorvino was beyond incredible. She plays what could have easily been an archetype with unbelievable honesty, and you believe every one of her character's antics (and there are many!). Really sad, occasionally disturbing, but awesome directing and screenwriting.
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February 24, 2013
The film was so so. It reminded me of two films, Pieces of April and In Her Shoes. Those films were better than this one. The film had the same look and style that Pieces of April did. Mira Sorvino's character reminded me of Cameron Diaz's character in, In Her Shoes. While, Tammy Blanchard's character reminded me of Toni Collete's character in, In Her Shoes. I was surprised by the short running time of this movie. The pacing is also a little off. At times, the film feels like a stage play.

The best part of the film are the performances. Mira Sorvino does a great job here. I would love to see her in more roles. Tammy Blanchard is good here too. Both her and Sorvino have a great on screen chemistry as sisters. Michael Rispoli and Patti LuPone are good in their supporting roles.

On a personal note, Union Square is one of my favorite hangouts in NYC. I loved seeing it on the big screen in this movie.
December 15, 2012
Forgot how much I love Mira Sorvino.
½ November 13, 2012
Not a very good movie. Still interesting (after the first half hour).
November 11, 2012
If you think you are different from the rest of your family, this movie projects it very vivid and nice!
November 10, 2012
Only the acting saves it.
August 25, 2012
sorry excuse for an indy...
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August 19, 2012
Nancy Savoca came on strong with her feature debut in 1989 called TRUE LOVE. I was an instant fan. While I thought her followup DOGFIGHT was an admirable failure, she's really struggled ever since to get projects going. Trust me, I feel her pain. With UNION SQUARE, she's cobbled together $100,000, an Oscar winner, an Emmy winner, and a 12-day schedule to see what happens.

With UNION SQUARE, she's gotten so much of it right that it pains me to be so lukewarm about it as a whole. Let's start with the good. When you want to attract great talent like Sorvino, your script better have juicy, playable moments for an actor. Savoca, here with co-write Mary Tobler, deliver that completely. Sorvino plays a desperate woman who barges in on her estranged sister and pretty much takes over her life. Dumped by her married boyfriend, Sorvino's character has a hair-trigger temper, a need for attention, and a palpable sense of grief. The character may be annoying, but Sorvino is at the top of her game here.
Same goes for Tammy Blanchard, so wonderful as the young Judy Garland in LIFE WITH JUDY GARLAND. Playing the rigid sister, she reveals hidden layers, and to watch them come off is truly a joy to behold. There is an abundance of truth in this film, difficult to watch, yet jaw-dropping in its accuracy.

Unfortunately, I couldn't help notice that what we have here is essentially a filmed play. It's mostly 2-4 characters sitting around a room talking, and talking, and talking. Last year's CARNAGE was the same, to even worse results. At least UNION SQUARE didn't start out as a play, or else I'd chalk it up to an adaptation that was never properly opened up. Instead, we have an ultra-low-budget film which was most likely conceived as such. Savoca probably said, "I have an apartment, and some great actor friends, so let's put on a show!" Nothing wrong with that - in fact, it's admirable. It's just not terribly exciting filmmaking. But, if you wanna see a Tony-worthy play at movie ticket prices, then UNION SQUARE is your man!
July 16, 2012
I thought this was an amazing film. The acting was incredible...raw performances and Mira deserves an Oscar nomination. I loved the camera work, NY shots, and the intimacy of the film. The film touched on so many issues family/relationship/social class/mental health issues with humor and emotion. I highly recommend this film.
½ July 13, 2012
Funny, charming, and emotionally resonant.
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