United Red Army Reviews

February 23, 2012
Human nature's dark side is the menacing midwife to the stillbirth of '60s idealism in the initially challenging and ultimately riveting United Red Army.
May 31, 2011
If you're keeping tabs on the recent cinematic reconsideration of 1960s and '70s left-wing terrorism, Wakamatsu's devastating chronicle of the ultra-violent fringe of Japanese student radicalism is a must-see.
May 27, 2011
Running more than three hours, "United Red Army" is a raw mix of documentary and fiction...
May 26, 2011
The stilted and awkward physical and vocal performances in combination with the visually flat cinematography bring to mind... American daytime soaps, an association that perversely makes the movie more and more watchable.
May 25, 2011
The film's commitment to representing the harsh truths of an unfortunate historical moment is admirable, but it tends to grate rather than illuminate.
May 24, 2011
Grueling [but] engrossing.
June 6, 2016
Neither glowing hagiography nor glowering condemnation, United Red Army is about the why of that failure -- in exacting detail, and with plenty of time to think it over.
October 7, 2015
Despite the languorous 190-minute running time, "United Red Army" is a brutal and relentless onslaught.
February 19, 2012
...historical drama as psychological thriller.
June 7, 2011
The film has a narrative grip and pitiless portrait of idealism run amok that's hard to resist.
May 25, 2011
Kji Wakamatsu's messy, punishing 2008 meta-docudrama about the cult-like sect of 1970s Japanese revolutionaries gets a long-overdue release.
May 22, 2011
Kji Wakamatsu's achievement is to show us how that violence can turn as easily inward as it does out.
May 11, 2011
Fusing together documentary footage and tense dramatization, Wakamatsu has produced the kind of heterogeneous cinematic object that doesn't usually get released in the U.S. unless it takes place in the Thai jungle.
November 22, 2010
Compelling tale of ultraleftism becoming nihilistic in Japan.