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The United States of Leland Quotes

  • Leland Fitzgerald: Maybe God's there because people get scared of all the bad stuff they do.

  • Pearl Madison: I'm only human, man.
    Leland Fitzgerald: It's funny how people only say that after they do something bad. I mean, you never hear someone say, "I'm only human" after they rescue a kid from a burning building.

  • Becky: I don't want to hurt you.
    Leland Fitzgerald: Then don't.

  • Leland Fitzgerald: I think there are two ways you can see the world. You either see the sadness that's behind everything or you choose to keep it all out.

  • Leland Fitzgerald: The worst part is knowing that there is goodness in people. Mostly it stays deep down and buried. Maybe we don't have God because we're scared of the bad stuff. Maybe we're really scared of the good stuff. Because if there's no God, well, that means it's inside of us and we could be good all the time if we wanted. So when we do bad things, it'd be because we want to or because we have to. Or maybe we just need the bad stuff to remind us what the good stuff is in the first place.

  • Mrs. Calderon: "You have to believe that life is more than the sum of its parts, kiddo."
    Mrs. Calderon: You have to believe that life is more than the sum of its parts, kiddo.

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