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½ April 4, 2014
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

(1998) Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms

Continued where the last "Universal Soldier" made for TV left off, with cyborg Luc Devereaux / GR44 (Matt Battaglia) where he's beating another cyborg to death, saving female reporter, Veronica (Chandra West). Meanwhile, discharged soldier Otto Mazur (Gary Busey) double cross some North Korean officials by killing them off after collecting some diamonds after making them think that they were going to buy some Universal Soldiers. We later find out that Luc has an older brother that's being held captive by the facility, to be turned into a Universal soldier, and are eventually going to reunite. Low budget and quite bad with terrible orchestrated action scenes.

1 out of 4
½ February 23, 2013
Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey were in this crap? Shameful display.
½ October 28, 2012
Unless you love torturing yourself, I'd recommend you to stay away.
½ October 27, 2012
The budget has been slashed and new actors brought in to continue the story. Van Damme wisely takes a pass and Gary Busey is brought in for name value as a guy selling Unisols as mercenaries after the army pulls the plug on the program.
½ August 5, 2012
complete utter bollocks
½ May 4, 2012
You can never unsee what you have foolishly seen.
June 9, 2011
Three words: Inappropriate slow motion.
½ January 21, 2011
With as much substance and character development as a video game, Universal Solider II almost falls under the category of so-bad-it's-good.
½ December 16, 2010
With as much substance and character development as a video game, Universal Solider II almost falls under the category of so-bad-it's-good.
½ September 20, 2010
An entirely unecessary and shitty sequel to the original Universal Soldier, which really only was an ok gulity pleasure of a film to begin with. Take Universal Soldier, replace it's main actors with unknowns (of course not as good as the actors they replace), make it have a low budget TV show look, and typically boring action scenes and you got yourself one shitty movie.
½ September 19, 2010
So this is way better than regeneration or the return. The story picks up right from the original its too bad that Van Damme couldn't of starred in it.
June 4, 2010
The story itself wasn't too bad. And Burt Reynolds had a cameo at the end!
May 17, 2010
I know what you're thinking. You were thinking "I thought Universal Soldier: The Return was 'Universal Soldier 2'." HA! It's hard to believe but that theatrical disaster was technically the fourth Universal Soldier film as two TV made movies (this and Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business) were filmed back-to-back in 1998. It's ok you didn't know about these films as they deserve to be forgotten. The original negatives should be destroyed, put on a rocket heading towards the sun, and erased from the film history books. Yes, they are that bad!

I knew I was in for a ultra shitty film from the opening title sequence, which is the cheapest looking title sequence I believe I have ever seen this side of late 90's Full Moon productions. The film first says Universal Soldier II, goes to a flashback to the first film, then has our 'subtitle' pop up as "Brother in Arms" with actual quotations around the wording. Quotations?! You know what this reminds me of? A fucking TV Show. Universal Soldier II is the name of the show and Brothers in Arms is the name of the episode. To top it off this film has production values even WORSE than most television series. This movie literally looks like a late night, post eleven o'clock TV show crap. Don't get me wrong as I am not against TV made films...but most TV made films at least show some quality to them. This might as well been made for the Lifetime network!

The film also has the gal to open with a flashback to the first film but completely refilming the damn climax complete with our new shitty actors and production values filling in for Van Damme and Dolf Lundgren. Why refilm the damn thing? Columbia/Tri Star pictures distributed this shit and they also were the co-production company of the original. Oh, I know why they refilmed it. They didn't want the audience going into the film expecting a film with quality by having amazing looking footage turning into shit right afterwards. I guess I will give them credit for that as I knew I was going into shit right from the beginning instead of being fooled into it.

After the "recap" at the beginning, we follow our reporter character and GR 44 (now played by Matt Battaglia) who lay low at his parents farm. He escapes, goes back to the military for help. Our reporter, who is also in love, follows him back to a government lab (run by cut-throat government agents Gary Busy and Burt Reynolds, smiling while they collect their paychecks) where she releases GR 44 older brother and boredom ensues.

Perhaps this films biggest sin is lack of action. The original film had grand action sequences and the action sequences here, if you can call them that, are extremely few in number and over with very quickly. The film is mostly filled with talking, talking, and more talking and this is a detriment to this "action" film since the plot and dialogue are uninteresting.

The plot, acting, lack of action, and poor production values strip this sequel of any entertainment worth. Perhaps with a little more money and tighter writing this could have made an interesting TV movie sequel but as it is it is completely pointless and forgettable. Still people looking to torture themselves some more can catch Universal Soldier III, which is graciously packaged on the same DVD disc!
½ February 2, 2010
Cruddy TV movie that cashes in on the first UniSol movie. A rotten cast and generally badly made ruin this movie almost completely save for some unintentional hilarity from the bad acting.
Super Reviewer
½ October 21, 2009
A Little more fantsay, then fiction.
½ September 21, 2009
You have to see it for Matt Battaglia's amazing body, so cut and ripped - one of the best ever seen on film.
½ September 11, 2009
The budget has been slashed and new actors brought in to continue the story. Van Damme wisely takes a pass and Gary Busey is brought in for name value as a guy selling Unisols as mercenaries after the army pulls the plug on the program.
July 29, 2009
Bumping the first movie to 1998, this picks up where the first left off as Devroux and Roberts (Matt Battaglia and Chandra West) continue to try and exposes the now rogue UniSols program well being hunted by CIA Operative Mazur (Gary Busey) and a new team of UniSols, and discovering Luc's long lost brother.

Obvious cash in made on the quick and cheap when the news that Van Damme would be making a sequal (The Return). Low production, shitty acting, plodding action scenes with no energy, a script that needs at least 3 more rewrites, and no love/respect for the source material. The only good things I can say about this is Gary Busey is entertaing, Chandra West is easy on the eyes and Burt Reynolds shows up spotting histories worst Irish accent. Watch at your own peril.
½ May 23, 2009
Further adventures of universal soldier and fugitive reporter, with new actors playing the characters and overall quality brought down a few notches. Matt Battaglia's acting is stiff even for someone playing a cyborg.
½ April 7, 2009
As they came out the same year, I'm not totally sure if I saw the 2d, 3rd, or even 4th.
But I'm pretty sure it was the 2d, as it was a pack with 2 DVDs, with the 1st one.
It was more or less as well as the 1st from what I remember.
I wanna see the 2 others, but more the soon coming sequel on theatre.
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