Unplanned Reviews

September 24, 2019
It's not going to change any minds.
July 30, 2019
And even if presented to a mixed audience, Unplanned is neither smart enough to rally anyone to its cause, nor dumb enough to alienate those who believe its message. As propaganda, therefore, it's basically useless.
July 19, 2019
The thing about propaganda is, it has to be persuasive to be effective. Unplanned is too simplistic to do much more than preach to the converted.
July 13, 2019
Unplanned will make you writhe in agony over how such an ugly, malicious and potentially dangerous piece of religious and political propaganda could have made its way into this world.
April 10, 2019
Bland acting, boring writing, everyone doing their best but simply not being very good at the things they're trying to do, bless their hearts.
April 2, 2019
This serves nobody but the people that made it. It's lining their pockets.
April 1, 2019
Writer-directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon spend more time making their talking points than developing their characters, who exist merely to make their arguments.
April 1, 2019
Let's just hope this latest Pure Flix propaganda doesn't actually incite violence.
March 30, 2019
One wonders why Unplanned, which resembles a basic cable television movie in its mediocre production values and subpar performances, was made.
March 30, 2019
Perhaps the most bipartisan thing I can say is that if you like Trump rallies, especially the ones featuring Mike Pence, this is probably the movie for you. I don't say it as a compliment, but I suspect all involved may take it as one.
March 29, 2019
Abortion is a serious topic. This movie is ridiculous.
March 29, 2019
Two-thirds of the movie is decent until all involved can't hold it in any longer and go off the rails in their demonizing and preaching. (Full Content Review for Parents - Profanity, Sexual Content, etc. - also Available)
March 29, 2019
They're performers in a parable traced over a Chick tract, filmed with a bland competence at odds with the true perversity of the material. Old-school Pure Flix: Welcome back!
March 29, 2019
It's strictly set up to rally its base.
March 29, 2019
"Unplanned" preaches to the pro-life choir, and it does so by making a case against abortion that's absolutist and extreme, at certain points twisting "facts" into a narrative of conspiracy.