Oct 18, 2008
May 15, 2006
Oct 27, 2004
Slicker, better-documented and more convincing than most documentaries on this subject.
Oct 8, 2004
The finished products are more serious and well-crafted than that, giving voice to the concerns of credible experts and eyewitnesses, and mounting relatively low-key, cautiously reasoned arguments.
Jun 5, 2004
Feb 2, 2004
The film should be required viewing for all Americans.
Jan 10, 2004
Those who think George W. Bush won fair and square might well test their convictions against the evidence presented here.
Oct 31, 2003
Presents a convincing case that the wrong man took Florida and the country.
Jul 22, 2003
"Unprecedented" is a great way to learn more about one of the biggest stories in American politics.