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½ January 4, 2013
Not extremely entertaining, it's just for information and the documentation / journalism here is very good & important to see. Find out why Bush became President through election rigging and vote-recount manipulation.
July 11, 2010
A solid piece of agit-prop on one of the greatest frauds of our age...

Brave New Films cinematographer Richard Ray Perez and fellow film maker Joan Sekler teamed up with Oscar-nominated veteran editor William Haugse (‚??Hoop Dreams‚??) for this fascinating little muck-racking expose which picked up numerous awards on the festival circuit and was the first of the ‚??Un-trilogy‚?? from Exec. Producer Robert Greenwald.

The first part exposes the underhand tactics used by Secretary of State of Florida Katherine Harris to remove mainly Black voters from the electoral roll, the second part chronicles the turbulent recount process eventually blocked by a US Supreme Court ruling and a 2004 epilogue reveals the dangers of computer balloting.

Danny Glover provides a curiously stilted 2004 framing for the film, sparsely narrated by Peter Coyote, which is driven by revealing interviews with journalists, such as the great Greg Palast and Jake Tapper, as well as those, such as election supervisors Pam Iorio and Ion Sancho, who were actually caught up in the fraud.

The debut filmmakers wisely chose to eschew editorialising themselves and rely instead on the interviewees to drive and shape the story which as well as racking Katherine Harris over the coals ensures that the politically motivated ruling of the Supreme Court and the anti-democratic decisions of Al Gore do not go un-scrutinized in a solid piece of agit-prop.

‚??The identity of the loser is perfectly clear.‚??
March 31, 2010
As long as there has been democracies partisans have been trying to figure out how to rig or "game" the election systems. This doc easily could have been titled Election Rigging 101. New and inventive ways of taking old tricks and making them new. Covers the 2000 election and it's aftermath. If you vote on a computerized system you should be very afraid.
September 10, 2009
eh, it was kinda lame. but okay if you want an overview of what happened.
September 28, 2008
Silly America...Democracy is for other countries...unbelievable what goes on behind the scenes...sad.
August 28, 2008
Must see. Stealing American elections is a snap. Watch the poll watchers.
June 22, 2008
Why is it so difficult for all 50 states to have electronic voting machines with a paper record?
June 6, 2008
Democracy? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
March 11, 2008
This is a short documentary. It's a little rough around the edges, but it's the first documentary I've seen that really explains why those ballots in Florida were so damned confusing. I know the media made fun of the "hanging chad," but when you see it for yourself, there really was legitimate confusion and a heck of a lot of problems in Florida. A must see for any Political Science nut.
½ January 21, 2008
Bush is a fucking criminal and should be jailed.
December 29, 2007
american democracy ends.
½ November 19, 2007
very informative, everyone should see this even though it is boring in places, but it is important to know this recent history.
November 13, 2007
I just checked this out at the library. I'll post a review once I've seen it.
½ October 14, 2007
A must see for anyone frustrated with the current American political system. If our votes aren't being counted, how democratic is our society?
½ September 10, 2007
An investigation into a chain of events that had a huge effect on the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. This collection of disturbing irregularities in policy and procedure are enough to make any civil-minded American quake in their boots. We all want to know our vote is counted, but I can honestly say I don't think it has happened in awhile.
½ August 23, 2007
And yet I continue to live in this country!
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