An Unreasonable Man Reviews

March 30, 2007
The filmmakers present compelling evidence of Nader's legacy ... but they also let Nader off the hook [for his role in allowing] the Bush administration's dismantling of that very legacy.
March 29, 2007
This documentary starts out as a fascinating profile of consumer advocate Ralph Nader, but it ends up getting derailed by a political discussion marked by an abundance of whining.
March 2, 2007
The movie is lively and informative, but (in ways the old Nader might have appreciated) it made me feel like arguing with it. Frustratingly, the film avoids as many issues as it raises.
January 31, 2007
The documentary An Unreasonable Man is an admiring but hardly uncritical portrait of Ralph Nader and his 2000 presidential campaign.
January 30, 2007
A good mixture, but it all comes back to Nader's disputed sainthood and the debate is heavily stacked. It seems easy to like Nader and that's the problem: There's no serious conflict.