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September 29, 2014
One of the best depictions of the senselessness, absurdity and negligence which more often than not characterizes the state of war and those who orchestrate it. A little dated in certain ways, but it still works on many levels, thanks mostly to the production design, the costumes and the performances.
½ May 16, 2012
A simple setting for an effective multi-layered anti-war film as an army command frozen in the past sacrifices its troops in doomed assaults.
Super Reviewer
½ August 13, 2011
In "Many Wars Ago", Lieutenant Sassu(Mark Frechette) is glad to be at the Austrian front in World War I where he can finally get some combat action. What he does get to see first is General Leone(Alain Cuny) leading his troops in retreat after losing Montpelier. After a scout encounters Austrian troops and calls a halt, Leone thanks him by ordering him shot. Luckily, some quick thinking saves his life. That might not be enough to save everybody else's lives, however, when he orders an attack to retake Montpelier the next day before the Austrian troops can get settled.

If insanity, as some say, is doing something repeatedly while expecting different results, then Leone is most definitely mad in this compelling antiwar film. In fact, I can think of no more vile a military figure in cinematic history. Even his horse wants nothing more to do with him. No small part of this comes down to his stubborn refusal to adjust to the new realities of war first seen in World War I, as he employs armor and trumpets in combat. The Austrians are little different as they also try to employ the calvary in a disastrous attack. So while some of the junior officers and enlisted men consider new ideas like socialism, atheism might be a better way to go because there is no god under such circumstances, highlighted by a brilliant bit of black comedy.

Note: The Brooklyn Academy of Music listed this movie under the title of "Just Another War."
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