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August 21, 2016
I love art and art loves me. This IS ART!
½ August 14, 2016
Too many abstract ideas create a confusing story that is difficult to follow.
Super Reviewer
August 3, 2016
Officially the weirdest movie i have ever seen. Don't go in thinking you will "get it" on your first viewing, because you won't. Beautiful cinematography and top notch editing make this art house film one to remember, and possibly understand, on further viewings.
½ June 15, 2016
Pointless ... I'll never get that 90 minutes back, and my ears are numb from the score...
June 6, 2016
What a terrible movie. Stupid. Pointless. Bad LSD trip terrible.
May 25, 2016
This is a hard one to rate, as I felt I didn't understand it but at the same time it did seem like there was something to understand and even something worth another watch.
½ May 15, 2016
A near perfect film IMHO, and impressively Shane Carruth is credited with doing almost everything in the film, from producing, directing, music composing, cinematography, editing, and acting, et al. The other neat thing is that I don't recall a single four-letter word in it; and there was no nudity, nor gratuitous violence, all three of which are typically rife in Indie films. A unique psychological science fiction, romance, thriller. I believe I'd like to work with Shane in some capacity on his next film adventure.
½ April 9, 2016
Years after making his brilliant sci-fi masterpiece Primer, Shane Carruth makes a mess of a film, which has an extremely thin plot, little to no characterization, and a painful dose of style over substance. A pretentious film, Upstream Color only succeeds in having cool visuals; everything else is bad.
½ March 30, 2016
Beautiful cinematography & sound design.
Moody enough all the way.
Only a bit too abstract in execution.
With quite a thoughtful metaphor, though.
March 23, 2016
Certainly a challenge, whether you like it or not. I did not.
½ March 19, 2016
A smaller wow than Primer, but still very interesting and captivating. Can't wait to see more from Shane Carruth.
½ March 18, 2016
Forget, remember, forget....backwards, forwards...uneven, abrupt editing to make it feel even more upside down. You'd think with all that it would be more exciting, but no. Watching abstract amnesia can only be so interesting for so long...Time to watch Memento again to see it done correctly.
March 16, 2016
The narrative may be tough on the initial watch but there is enough technical achievements to help get through and leaves a desire to sit through it again.
Grade: B+
March 15, 2016
When I come across Upstream Color on the trailers, it looked different form Shane Carruth's previous film Primer which I'll give him credit for doing something new and not just doing the same old tricks. I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes, and I saw that they praise it for doing an "experimental film" done right which I didn't get why it was called that, but I was curious about it. So after I finished watching Primer, I watched this after that which turns out to be a better film. Just when I thought that Primer was very confusing, this was even more confusing from beginning to end which never happens to me before and just might be the most confusing film that I have seen from first viewing, but surprisingly enough, it never made me bored or not care about the film. Shane Carruth is really good in this, and Amy Seimetz was just fantastic and is one of the best parts of the film. She does happy, scared, mad, and crazy very well that I didn't find it out of place for her and just find it believable when it comes to those scenes. The cinematography is fantastic, and the imagery of it is stellar to look at. The soundtrack was very catchy and very soothing to listen to that pretty much makes you feel relaxed and just enjoying the ride. The characters are very developed, and the writing by Shane Carruth is well written. The chemistry between Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz is very good and they seem to be a believable and caring couple. The movie is confusing don't get me wrong on that one, but I was very fascinated on the movie as I felt that it was trying to be its own world in the abstract part and was giving deeper meanings into it which got me to search it on YouTube so I'll understand what just happen, which rarely happens for me and I'm glad that it was Upstream Color that got me the motive to do that as I didn't with The Tree of Life.
½ February 23, 2016
Weird and at times deliberately obtuse, but ultimately able to convey a surprising weight of emotion through an ultimately uplifting narrative.
February 21, 2016
Either its one of those days or one of those movies, couldn't follow most of it.
While the abstract narrative might leave you scratching your head, but arresting visuals and the enigma surrounding it keeps you going through.
February 9, 2016
An interesting snooze-fest.
½ February 1, 2016
Utterly bizarre, but weirdly compelling.
January 17, 2016
Not really clear what the point is, and that's not always a bad thing, but in this case it's just too muddy.
½ January 9, 2016
I dunno man, pretty weird. Lots of random scene changes and stuff. Interesting in a filmmaking sense, but the plot is lost. And frankly, I didn't care much for the characters. I had a similar problem in Primer, but there the unwinding of the plot held my interest despite the very drab characterizations. I can't say that I understood the full underlying intent of the plot here.
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