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Uptown Girls Quotes

  • Ray Schleine: Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.

  • Ray Schleine: You wouldn't know real music if Mozart hit you on the head with it.

  • Ray Schleine: Act your age not your shoe size
    Ray Schleine: Act your age, not your shoe size.

  • Roma Schleine: Kids and grown ups can't be friends.
    Molly Gunn: I don't see any grown ups here.

  • Ray Schleine: Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning...

  • Ray Schleine: Every grown-up is good at something. Oh, my bad. I don't see any grown-ups around here.
    Molly Gunn: What's so great about being a grown-up anyway? So I can turn out like you?

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