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Urban Legends: Final Cut Quotes

  • Reese Wilson: I know a good story. It's about a campus serial killer who murders eight people...
    Amy Mayfield: Yeah, I heard that one. It supposedly happened at Pendleton. It's just an urban legend.

  • Amy Mayfield: Reese, I must have dropped the tape. Did you see it?
    Reese Wilson: I looked, but I didn't see no tape, just yo' crazy white ass down in the sewer!

  • Reese Wilson: Urban legend, my ass.

  • Reese Wilson: [after Amy shoots Professor Solomon] That's my sister, baby, and she's a whole lotta woman.

  • Stan: OJ left more blood than that on the bronco.

  • Dirk: Hi ho!
    Stan: Did you call me a ho?

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