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Urumi (Urumi: The Warriors Who Wanted to Kill Vasco Da Gama) Reviews

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August 9, 2012
WOOOOOOOOOOOW --- a classic art --- Santhosh sivan's cinematography is as usual mind-blowing --- this time he showed his talent in the direction as well --- a brilliant story & screenplay --- powerful actors --- Prithviraj's acting, body language & expression is stupendous, Genelia's fearless eyes & stunts are brilliant --- gorgeous heroines & great male actors --- music is so deep & touching --- Tamil is so sweet & lovely to hear & sharp dialogues --- really INDIAN cinema & people needs a great standard films like this --- PLEASE DON'T MISS IT!!!
March 26, 2012
A man who has no sentiment towards his soil gets ready to sell it to foreign mining company, his decision after knowing its history narrates Urumi.
Flamboyantly picturised and neatly told by Santosh Sivan, Shankar Ramakrishnan who has written this profoundly gripping script needs a special mention.
Urumi, An historic tale.
May 13, 2011
Technically: Brilliant
Storyline: Gripping
Songs: Vidya Balan song seems forced. Otherwise great songs.
VFX: Very realistic
Stunts: Could have been better. But last battle scene - breath taking!
Acting: Prithvi - Excellent with the one-liners, Prabhu - Great comic timing, English actors - Beautiful expressions, Genelia - Wow for the fight scenes, Nithya - Mesmerizing in 'Chimmi Chimmi', Remaining - Did their part perfect.

For someone who just wants to watch a movie for time pass - Good to Average

For a malayalam movie, one word - 'Awesome'. Great history lesson too btw!
April 12, 2011
Good movie which always keep theme in the background which play a vital role in its success along with creativity to project same personalities in different generation...after watching it..you will say..mmm..good
Camera work goes beyond our expectation
½ April 9, 2011
visual spectacle from the best in the industry..pioneer for malayalam cinema..watch in a theater for the sheer effort put..casting..performances..technical brilliance..use of lighting and colour palette..poetic..
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