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½ April 5, 2014
This was a stunning film, very naturalistic in its depiction and displays how two lovers had an uphill task fighting against outside elements with animal urges.
November 4, 2013
A film with great potential and some neat nature shots. It's an all right story, but there are so much in the mix here that you don't know what to focus on. You gets graphic scenes, bloody scenes, screams and murder, something that works pretty nicely as an contrast to the lovely filming.

This is in many ways a newer and restyled version of Malic's "Badlands", but not as good for me. Another film that comes to mind is "Antichrist", but both mentioned films are several notches better. Varied results when it comes to subplots, but the packaging of the plots remain the same, so in a way it stands as a film where not much happen. I actually liked the director's debut "Vinterkyss" and "Upperdog" was quite nice as I remember it too, but for me this is a step back even if this director master the art of multinarrative views quite well.

6 out of 10 pink tops.
½ April 12, 2013
Jag som älskar danska filmer undrade lite tyst varför den här danska filmen var så dålig men den var visst norsk. Oops, vilken amatör jag är! :-)
½ March 29, 2013
En grei norsk film...
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