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Bryan Singer's poker face is worthless at best.

February 27, 2010 Full Review Source: Projection Booth | Comments (11)
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Gavin Ellis

I'm sorry but that is just a terrible review, and the film certainly deserves better, not to mention the director!

Mar 18 - 04:31 PM


Rob Humanick

If by review, film, and director, you mean film, viewer, and movie-going public, you're spot on.

Mar 19 - 01:48 AM


Richard Crismore

I doubt you'd have the balls to list your favorite movies, which I'm sure pale in comparison to this movie. You gave Avatar a 0%! Sure it was overrated with a weak script, but 0%!?!? This tells me you don't have the mental capacities to judge any movie accurately or fairly. Good day sir!

Dec 23 - 11:12 AM


Rob Humanick

I believe when I first reviewed Avatar, I wasn't using grades, just "fresh" or "rotten" as it applies here. Had I graded it, after being clobbered with the worst (3D-induced) headache of my life, it'd have been a C, or a 2/4, thereabouts. Get off the tomato schtick. It's sad.

Favorites? 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ikiru. McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Days of Heaven. Assault on Precinct 13. Night of the Living Dead. Breaking the Waves. All That Jazz. The Searchers. Dr. Strangelove. Citizen Kane. The Terminator. GoodFellas. Fury. Passion of Joan of Arc. The Usual Suspects can suck it.

Sep 18 - 03:13 PM

TheReal D.

TheReal D3bug

Assault on Precinct 13? Seriously? You compare that hollow film with the others in your list? You have given yourself away as someone with terrible taste (at best), at worst... just another Troll.

Jan 27 - 12:08 PM

T B. Movies


What a terrible review. The film is a master piece in which the acting, the plot, and the directing is superb.

May 24 - 09:35 AM

Campbell T.

Campbell Taylor

Personally, I loved this movie. That aside, I believe you suck.

May 18 - 12:22 AM


Bruce Wayne

How can you be less than worthless?

Jul 4 - 12:22 AM


Rob Humanick

You can't. But you can also be stupid, cheating, and retarded. I was being nice.

Sep 18 - 03:14 PM

Richard Noels

Richard Noels

So you are a cheating stupid retard is what your saying and who dont know shit all about movies.

Dec 20 - 04:59 PM

Mike Bierman

Mike Bierman

Rob Humanick's review is worthless at best.

Sep 4 - 09:36 PM

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