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January 31, 2018
If the secret police ever want to get anything out of me, all they have to do is sit me down in front of this film. I'd tell them I was the third man on the grassy knoll just to make them switch it off.
March 17, 2006
It becomes just another taste of every comic-book movie that isn't Sin City or A History of Violence. Vapid.
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July 18, 2006
The less you think, the more you like it. Which isn't always a bad thing.
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March 16, 2006
Only here and there do you find the spark and kinetic zap delivered by the first Matrix picture.
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April 14, 2013
Speaking of love, things go blooey instead of gooey whenever heroine and hero come close enough to touch; far from being sensual, let alone erotic, the movie proves to be not much fun at all.
March 25, 2006
A poorly paced and spectacularly disjointed rehash of Orwellian themes. It has a high production value and looks great, but suffers from a lack of narrative exposition that leads to sizable holes in the plot.
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December 13, 2006
I'm thinking the message is that there's a little V in everyone. Unfortunately,on screen there's only a lot of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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August 30, 2009
Daredevil in agitator garb
March 17, 2006
It's safe to say that V may be the most political movie released by a major studio since JFK (which was also distributed by Warner Brothers).
April 3, 2006
An unbearably talkative affair with virtually nothing sane to say.
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March 15, 2006
"V" is a gay Shakespeare-soliloquy spurting blowhard with a creepy, but well-groomed, hairdo. He's also a dancing knife-wielding karate killer.
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March 16, 2006
V for Vendetta is a piece of pulp claptrap; it has no insights whatsoever into totalitarian psychology and always settles for the cheesiest kinds of demagoguery and harangue as its emblems of evil.
October 18, 2008
By the movie's midpoint, the Wachowski brothers' screenplay has gotten so bogged down in back story that it takes 40 minutes for director James McTiegue to get back to the explosions that his 16-year-old target audience assumes will solve everything.
March 16, 2006
Director James McTeigue finds moments of pure brilliance amid a story that stumbles from one questionable choice to another.
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March 17, 2006
This future-shock story about a masked avenger at war with a totalitarian British regime sags when it should zip.
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March 18, 2006
The fascist angle doesn't inspire any righteous indignation, and the terrorist angle is not the fiery revolutionary rhetoric it thinks it is.
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March 17, 2006
This is not the movie, and these are not the times, for sophisticated arguments.
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July 6, 2010
Alan Moore may be greatest victim of Hollywood's comic book adaptation craze.
August 26, 2010
In its ambition to weld a political message onto a comic-book movie it falls rather pitifully between two stools.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
June 24, 2006
For all its anti-establishment esprit, it's more a case of Z for Zzzz.
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