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½ August 9, 2017
Good movie. Very well-done.
Rating: 7.1/10.
½ August 7, 2017
A striking political action film, complete with a thoughtful and relevant plot and a strong cast. Tonal issues are present throughout however and action sequences occasionally border on gimmicky. V for Vendetta still remains a strong Wachowski flick, however, thoughtful and enjoyable.
August 4, 2017
Packed with amazing action sequences, excellent performances and thought provoking political and social pronouncements, V for Vendetta is one of the comic book movies ever made.
August 2, 2017
V for Vendetta provides a great experience through the entire movie, taking the great characters of V and Evey, V for Vendetta makes an already great graphic novel into an even better movie
July 30, 2017
Probably one of the most underrated comic to big screen adaptions. Although not very faithful to the source material the film is a political commentary that is ever so fascinating to watch.
July 29, 2017
V For Vendetta is AWESOME. This movie is so good. There are no problems with this movie. Everything in this movie is so great. It's not great but it's meant to be really fun and quite entertaining. It's exactly what she would expect from the people who made the matrix.
July 22, 2017
Beautifully written, expertly performed. absolutely horrifying.
July 20, 2017
With its thought-provoking themes and The Wachowskis' excellent screenplay (Yes, I'm a Wachowski fanboy. Been one ever since The Matrix trilogy changed my life and helped action movies finally gain my respect), V for Vendetta is not only smart but also is another visually stunning Wachowski flick. Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving are both compelling. Weaving, in the role of the mysterious V, delivers excellent lines especially during a television broadcast and in his first appearance a crap ton of alliteration with the letter v. Who knew the siblings had such a fluent grasp of the English language? I think leaving his origins a mystery help the viewers decide for themselves what he looks like. Hell, we never even learn his real name or even his face. The poster says Hugo Weaving but is there really an Agent Smith underneath the mask or is it something that's not pretty at all? It's not as heavy on action as other entries in the Wachowskis' filmography, either as directors, producers or screenwriters. But I think it's because it wants to focus more on the story and on its themes than on "kill, kill ,kill". With its subject matter regarding politics and the convincing interaction between Portman and Weaving's characters, V for Vendetta gets a V for Valour in discussing its said political themes. Yes, I had trouble finding a positive verb starting with v that fitted with the movie. *sigh* The things I do to make the review...not 100% crappy.
July 17, 2017
One of the best comic book movie adaptations till date! Actually split between this and Dark Knight for the best title though.
July 16, 2017
Consider this film a thematically-timeless, thought-provoking entertainment, as well being frighteningly prophetic, in the political genre with points to take in as a supplement to the nature of real-life politics. Also, however, how thematic it is towards politics within a graphic novel adaptation that probably speaks some agreeable truths, it isn't without conflicting views even when the antagonistic forces are clear while the protagonistic forces are rebellious with few dark, level-succumbing turns. Overall, the film is quite entertaining typically consisting clever writing and really good performances, along with the characterization showing an accurate portrayal of the deemed conspiracy in politics. (B+)

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July 14, 2017
Epic!! Pure awesome!!
½ July 6, 2017
One of the best looking films of its time, there's just something cool about V for Vendetta. The tale is thought provoking, but people will come back for the other, more impressive features. The Portman capture scene goes on for a bit too long, dragging things out more than it should.
July 5, 2017
V for Vendetta is full of action sequences and thrilling moments. The acting was great, Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving were very charismatic and expressed very well their characters' feelings. Some scenes were a little bit disturbing/dark but this movie will always remain as a classic.
July 1, 2017
A portrait of politics and revolution in a thrilling way with free declamation speeches.
½ June 25, 2017
The message is a bit questionable, and the writing is a little...not...good, but overall it's a decent thriller with some great style and interesting political commentary. The CG blood looks super fake, though.
½ June 18, 2017
Pretty unique and some cool action but kind of boring
June 17, 2017
Fantastic movie !!! I loved it
June 10, 2017
An amazingly bold story. While not a 100% faithful adaptation of a great comic book, the movie manages to weave several characters story arcs into a final montage. If you appreciate well written monologues and being asked to think during your entertainment then you might just find this to be an epic revelatory movie.
½ June 1, 2017
It wants to be more profound than it is, but V for Vendetta leaves audiences confused and slightly cheesed-out.
May 31, 2017
a classic that still rings true today
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