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February 18, 2013
If you give up on your ideals after a half-hour ride across the city, then you probably weren't true to them in the first place
November 29, 2009
funny...awesome...!!! 10 minutes...and it all conveys the message...!!! lovvvveddd ittt... :)
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½ November 17, 2009
Thought provoking short about a man trying to get to the polls on time, while running a gamut of racist taxi drivers on the way. Will his liberal reaction conflict wth his desire to vote or will he make it there before it closes? No easy answers but a few questions to ponder along the way.
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November 11, 2009
Great short by Anders Thomas Jensen. It's the election night and Peter, a responsible man, forgets to vote. Now he has very little time to vote, he starts to run to make it while running away from all the racism around him. Darkly funny and ironic as all of Jensen's following feature films. The song used at the end credits put a smile on my face for a long time.
October 10, 2009
C'est l'histoire d'un type qui s'est rendu compte qu'il avait oublié d'aller voter et il lui reste moins d'une heure pour le faire. Sur le trajet qui l'emmène vers les bureaux de vote, il ne va rencontrer que des racistes. Les dix minutes du court-métrage sont une dénonciation du racisme avec humour. On reconnaît tout de suite la patte de Jensen. En fait, c'est assez drôle car notre héros juge négativement les pensées des gens, insulte les racistes et lorsqu'il se retrouve au bureau de vote, il commet LA gaffe. Bref, c'est vraiment bien foutu. C'est dix petites minutes de plaisir. Et ça a remporté l'oscar du meilleur court-métrage à l'époque.
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½ September 22, 2009
This Academy Award winner for best short film, live action is hilarious. A man who has forgotten to vote on an election night tries to hurry and arrive on time in order to vote. However, the first cab he takes is extremely upsetting since the taxi driver makes really racist comments. He gets off and goes into another, facing the same trouble.

Although the subject matter is controversial, I don't really think this short tried to insult anyone in any way. You thought D.W. Griffith was racist? Get a brain and stop following the universal opinion when you can't make one of your own! It may not have the best acting or plot, but it was pulled in the right way. Extremely recommended short.

August 8, 2009
cynical or what............ :-)
½ January 5, 2009
Had this funny short made a straightforward point and not let itself fall into ambiguity, would it have lost its comical effect and fallen into a boring and predictable cliché (an anti-racist campaign ad wouldn't have been as funny), as well its praise amongst a certain kind of audience(the Academy Award Board & co. + fans) .

In spite of my own political views, I will rate this film this highly merely because of it being an incredibly well-crafted work, since art should be seen and evaluated as art for its own sake. However, I cannot help asking myself many questions, like surely many do, because in my opinion art is and always was a medium that also requires social responsability. The maker of this film didn't take this responsability, in spite of him touching such a delicate issue, since it is impossible to assume, that it didn't occur to him that when doing so -i.e.-- showing that minorities are opressed by majorities not only in a country like Denmark or any in the Western World, which was in fact one of the things he depicted in the film, that there are things like imperialism, neocolonialism, exploitation taking place in a larger scale, that the viewer wasn't being told that (s)he is doing the right thing when standing up against these issues, but instead it is clear that inspite of the satirical portrayal of racism in different levels taking place amongst everyone, regardless of their colour, the ending clearly suggests the main character fought against a lost cause. Moreover, I am quite aware that the film doesn't intend to be politically correct, nor for that matter, correct in any way, which can easily seen as something positive and its ambiguity leaves space for interpreting it in many different ways. It is quite evident that it intends neutrality and pluralism, on the one hand by ridiculing racism, on the other hand by ridiculing tolerance, though I would like to stress that racism doesn't need tolerance. Furthermore, it is clear that the main character in fact didn't tolerate it throughout the film, though the ending considering the ending, sarcastic, tragic, funny, entertaining, is however one may interpret it, not harmless, for the character backs up his initial stance ordering a Carlsberg (OK, let's give him a break, he had too much for the night, but regardless this is quite symbolic)
I applauded the film for the fact that so many taboos were finally being touched and even satirized, but the combination of the portrayal of racism in a taxi driver of middle-eastern origin, namely the member of a potentially opressed minority( in fact one of the victims of bigotry of the other racist Danish taxi drivers) and the defeatist resolution of the main character don't make up a very positive equation overall. "We are all racists to an extent anyway, so why bother?". I am not surprised this film doesn't have one single review in here. Of course I am not deeming it as endorsing racism, but I think that this kind of nihilist attitude is why the world is the way it is, why there is a third world in the first place, and there has been one long enough to prove my point.
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