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May 30, 2011
exciting wire-fu balanced with introspective vampire parts! co-web's luxia proves she's more than just a fighter while chrissie chau is more than the premiere sexiest lang mo, as both make the best of a simple script acting their finest!
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½ May 20, 2011
Wow what could have been a nice movie turned out to be a wash up of great proportions. Really the most unforgivable sin is that it was intended to be funny, or at the very least slightly amusing, but it fell flat on it's face at every turn. The Vampire voices trick was embarrassing. The wire effects are done with no finesse. In the end the movie had so many flaws no fun and no originality it doesn't come back from being an epic fail.

Vampire Warriors follows the uneasy friendship between vampire hunter Ar (Jiang Lu-Xia) and a family of "vegetarian" vampires, including Max (Chrissie Chau) and her womanizing father Lung (Chin Siu-Ho). Ar spends her days walking around hunting down bad vampires, while Max and her good vampire friends hang around town aimlessly, complaining about how bored they are. That all changes with the arrival of Mung (Yuen Wah), a vampire kills other vampires to make himself more powerful (aren't they always?). When Ar realizes that Mung's dragging her sister (Law regular Pinky Cheung) with him, she joins forces with the vegetarian vampires to fight their common enemy.
½ April 20, 2011
A terribly boring mess. Pointless dialogue, poor direction, unprofressional acting, why would they dare to show this film on screen?
April 9, 2011
This film is kind of embarrassing to watch and listening to the dialogue. Acting is terrible as well as the story and direction with a mixture of horror and comedy. Don't take my word from it as many others say this is a great movie, but I definately didn't like it. In the first 5 minutes of action I felt this film will not work.
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½ March 3, 2011
Dennis Law's Vampire Warriors doesn't have a whole lot to offer; yet, somehow it manages to get by.The plot is relatively light and it takes a while for it to get going. This results in a story that does a lot of diverging to fill 100 minutes of screen time. The film takes its time to buildup the story and characters; in doing so, scenes drag longer than they should just to get a simple point across. There are some attempts at humor along the way, but in a movie where its nature is more serious than a comedy, it only works so much.The action segments are the savior of this picture. The choreography is sublime with a lot of wire-work and fast-paced martial arts fighting. The CG effects are also good enough and used in moderation.There isn't a whole lot in the way of notable acting. Luxia Jiang's martial arts skills, which are fantastic, clearly outshine her acting. Chrissie Chau is a pretty face and she manages to put up a tolerable performance. Wah Yuen amuses from time to time as the film's main antagonist.Vampire Warriors has a passable story, mediocre characters, and excellent action. Watchable? Yes, but not highly recommendable.
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