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March 6, 2011
i think this movie was okay xD
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February 22, 2011
Lame, cliche-ridden action/horror set in Thailand about a couple of American tourists who manage to get embroiled in a Vamp war between two rival clans. It's got some half decent action and fight scenes but I just couldn't get excited by this one at all. Acting, dialogue, story are all lacking. Best to avoid this one.
May 21, 2005
Just more bad movies.
[center]Funky Monkey[/center]
[left]A monkey trained in martial arts sounds like a cool idea, but it isn't. This movie starts out tolerable but they just goes to beyond comprehension for stupidity. You know the evil corporation training monkeys for evil, the trainer helps one escape and they end up in San Diego. Add in bumbling idiots and a kid trying to fit in and you got yourself a pile of crap. If you need to make yourself feel smart, watch this.[/left]
[center]Vampires: The Turning[/center]
[left]Just your ordinary contemporary vampire flick. Complete with blood drinking, martial arts, bad acting, vampire sex, and dead vampires. Well deader than undead. Why do vampires have the urge to screw all the time? Oh the one vampire chick is really hot, but still.[/left]
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