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Vamps 2: Blood Sisters Reviews

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October 15, 2015
adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation
October 21, 2012
It's better than Vamps but that's not saying much..
½ June 19, 2008
not as good as the first movie but if it it is okay. in my opinion a thrown together sequel that could have been better and only had three of the original cast in it.
January 30, 2008
looks cool and it's about vampires
June 21, 2007
i really want to see this. my friend tol me it was so good that she wached it over and over and over again and now... she can say all of the lines with out even pawsing. ex. for air.
September 12, 2006
I don't know, but a very compelling title, must watch.
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