Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj (Van Wilder 2)


Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj (Van Wilder 2)

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A low-brow comedy, minus the comedy.



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The protégé of the most skilled mischief maker in college history sets his sights on England's prestigious Camden University to offer an informative course in advanced-level shenanigans in this sequel to the 2002 Ryan Reynolds hit that finds that film's co-star Kal Penn crossing the pond to realize his true party potential. Van Wilder's former assistant has learned the ways of the master, and now he's prepared to share his newfound knowledge with the stuffy students of the school known more for academia than rowdy mischief. Of course, by now Taj (Penn) knows that where there's a will there's a way, and there are plenty of fun-loving misfits at this esteemed institute of higher learning who are just looking for an excuse to ditch their studies and blow off a little steam by embracing their inner Van Wilder.


Kal Penn
as Taj Mahal Badalandabad
Lauren Cohan
as Charlotte Higginson
Dan Percival
as Pipp Everett, the Earl of Grey
Glen Barry
as Seamus
Tom Davey
as Percy
Beth Steel
as Alexandra
Amy Steel
as Penelope
Roger Hammond
as Camford Dean
Jonathan Cecil
as Provost Cunningham
Kulvinder Ghir
as Taj's Father
Shobu Kapoor
as Taj's Mother
Rupert Frazer
as Charlotte's Father
Cornelia Pavlovici
as Charlotte's Mother
Christopher Robbie
as Old Bearded Man
Trevor Baxter
as Sir Wilfred Owen
Ashly Rae
as Irish Woman
Adam Sinclair
as Lord Wrightwood
Olivia Scott
as Gorgeous Woman on Plane
Elena Tecuta
as Beautiful Coed
Gabriela Modorcea
as Tai's Sister
Elvin Dandel
as French Soldier
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  • Mar 18, 2018
    Has pretty much all the same negatives as the original Van Wilder, only without the boon of Ryan Reynolds. It's an interesting idea to hold on to the name of the character in your sequel/spinoff when they don't actually appear in any way. And by interesting I mean stupid and a transparent attempt to cash in on brand recognition. Seriously you could play this exact same movie only call it "England School Dumb Time" and get 100% the same story across. The script calls/builds upon the original in exactly zero ways. Now, that might be a big deal if the original Van Wilder had some sort of actual value, but seeing as it doesn't, Rise of Taj is just another bad, watchable US comedy like so many others, only this one has the rare inclusion of a non-white lead.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 22, 2016
    not even remotely funny
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Mar 20, 2011
    This was funny depending on your type of humor. All I have to say is his dog definitely THE 'MAN' When it first walked by I just said did I see what I thought I saw.. lol However the Plot is part Police academy & I'm thinking caddyshack but def. part Police academy I just can't thin of the other movies title. Oh & if you think you've seen Charlotte before? She was bella in Supernatural & Rose (? poor rose) on Vampire Diaries. The house competition you know who will win. The movie is pretty predictable as there's been others like it before aside from that. Its cool. C+
  • Aug 27, 2010
    Wow! This movie is so bad, that if I had the chance to I would go back and wish I had never even seen it at all. Van Wilder 2, not having seen the first, is a complete disgrace, with absolutely no heart or any actual comedy to laugh at!
    KJ P Super Reviewer

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