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½ April 12, 2010
(1967 Director: Jerry Thorpe) Well wonder who is NOT in this movie?! For eye candy? Karlheinz Bohm & of course Elke Sommers & Luciana Paluzzi & Felicia Farr. Musn't forget Boris Karloff as a villian.(review to follow)
May 6, 2009
One of the best and most overlooked and sadly forgotten spy films of the 60s. This is the antithesis of the James Bond and Derek Flint superspy genre and much more in line with the John Le Carre style of dour, somewhat depressing and certainly cynical depictions of the espionage.

The movie is somewhat convoluted, and even after numerous viewings the plot never quite reveals itself clearly, however the atmosphere generated by the story's intrigue and the hero's journey makes up for it. This is one of, if not the, best performance by Robert Vaughn. He's unshaven, lethargic and hungover throughout, slouched, in short the opposite of his charming, easy-going and suave persona as Napoleon Solo in "The Man from UNCLE."

The film was shot on location in Venice and it is absolutely critical to the appeal of the film. Gorgeous photography is on display and it's a pleasure to see the actors there. And about the actors, the supporting cast is superb; a mix of American and European talent from the legendary Boris Karloff in his penultimate screen appearance to the gorgeous Italian bombshell Luciana Paluzzi in a small but memorable role.
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