Feb 5, 2005
Repugnant and morally despisable; and I'm pro-choice.
Nov 28, 2004
[T]his can't be called naturalism ... Vera has to represent the bad medicine that fills the gap for low-income women, the bad medicine that results inevitably from bad law.
Nov 4, 2004
With each whimpering close-up of Vera after her arrest, Leigh comes closer and closer to canonizing her as his Joan of Arc.
Oct 29, 2004
To his credit, director-writer Mike Leigh doesn't inject any moral high ground on a subject that could easily feel one-sided. But he doesn't give Staunton a full range of material to work with either.
Oct 28, 2004
Boo, hiss and all that -- but I can report that the film left me only vaguely depressed and nothing more.
Oct 22, 2004
Earnest, well-acted and suffocating.
Oct 21, 2004
As a character study Vera Drake is coarsely drawn, and as pro-choice polemic, it's both a blunt instrument and a red herring.
Oct 11, 2004
Despite all his care and realism, Leigh has neglected to provide a fully satisfying drama.
Oct 11, 2004
Leigh and Staunton seem like prisoners of their own plodding naturalism.
Oct 7, 2004
Susan has served the point Leigh is making about how easy it is for affluent women to get safe abortions (no kidding) and is no longer of use or interest to him.
Oct 5, 2004
A Mike Leigh mistake.
Sep 25, 2004
Even with his film's solid foundation, Leigh seemingly cannot resist the pulpy histrionics.
Sep 18, 2004
It's almost as if a propaganda film made by Planned Parenthood had resurfaced after decades in storage. Timely, it's not.