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January 23, 2004
O.K. courtroom drama, electrified by great Newman performance
November 25, 2003
O roteirista David Mamet provou seu talento inquestionvel j em seu segundo longa-metragem - e as magnficas atuaes de Newman e Mason elevaram ainda mais seu trabalho.
August 21, 2003
June 20, 2003
Overrated potboiler with preposterously innacurate courtroom scenes. But Newman is great.
August 9, 2002
August 5, 2002
August 3, 2002
July 30, 2002
July 9, 2002
Those who can't get enough of television's Law and Order or The Practice should rediscover this minor classic, one of the best films of the early 80s.
January 17, 2002
Takes a hard look at the human havoc wrought by institutional incompetence and corruption.
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