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½ April 4, 2013
Sweet flick with realistic portrayal of the tandem.
March 18, 2013
The love partnership in a romance film that will give tickles in your underarms and back-knees...
½ October 7, 2012
'A Very Special Love' is not a very special romance-comedy that overused the charms of its leads to induce a cavity-inflicting, typical Filipino kilig flick.
½ September 19, 2012
a very nice movie. sarah was really a revelation in this movie and of course you'll expect no less from john lloyd. worth your time. you'll want to watch over and over again, it's that cute. =)
December 30, 2010
funny and romantic... liked it in a jologs way :)
July 29, 2010
IVE seen this movie and i cant stop my self from smiling and giggling hahaha
April 10, 2010
i really love it.. really fun.
i love Sarah G.
½ March 15, 2010
perfect couple...i hope there's part 3...
March 11, 2010
want to see it again.,.
½ January 28, 2010
Typical rom-com. The acting's kinda cute, and the DOP in this one was way way better than In My Life. The scoring was surprisingly not annoying. Sarah G tends to go a little over the top, but since she's a newbie in this field, she's excused.
½ January 21, 2010
This was really good, not overly sappy nor melodramatic and just enough, suttle comedy to lighten up the mood and help the story along. Pretty fresh approach to an old formula; it also helped that the two main leads had good chemistry and were both really charismatic.
January 9, 2010
It was really kind of cute, excellent acting from John Lloyd as well. Very cheezy storyline, though. But it was rather inspirational, nevertheless.
December 2, 2009
john lloyd and sarah
October 30, 2009
super baldiks ako sa dalawang ito! love their tandem as if they're real lovers! hope they will be!
October 28, 2009
haizzz. i watch it 15x na.. hehe
½ October 13, 2009
nakakakilig at sobrang nakakatuwa.
September 17, 2009
memorize ko na mga lines!
½ August 26, 2009
Also a great love story! If you haven't seen it check it out in english version with subtitle.
August 23, 2009
i definitely love the story. very wholesome movie, i could watch it with my 2 year old daughter. john lloyd and sarah have a very sweet on screen chemistry.
August 14, 2009
bgay tlga sla sna mgktlyan sla
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