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March 29, 2014
One of my favorite performances by Julie Andrews. Also its worth noting that the comedic bits don't get out of control, which can often happen in Blake Edwards' stuff . . . probably because there is an actual story happening here.
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March 14, 2014
Exceptionally enjoyable singing by Andrews. Wonderful presence by Preston and Andrews. Great, Oscar award winning music. Remarkably affirming attitudes for the early 1980s. I think I may have a new favorite comedy!
March 13, 2014
Absolutely adored this movie! Julie Andrews is especially incredible in it, but so is the rest of the cast. The combination of a great story and great acting paired with the amazing coloratura soprano of Andrews and lovely rich baritone of Robert Preston singing beautiful melodies, turns Victor Victoria into a truly unforgettable and poignant movie, particularly considering Andrews has since tragically lost her once breathtaking voice due to a throat surgery gone wrong in the late 90's.
November 19, 2013
A smart, funny and thoroughly entertaining musical.
September 18, 2013
Was a favorite of min from day one
July 31, 2013
May 30, 2013
"Victor Victoria" is a shiny jewel in the Blake Edward's canon. One of the most versatile directors (although he's truly best when he's doing comedy) of all time, this film proves once again why he's a director to depend on. It's warm, witty, sudsy, and likable. It has a heck of a weird plot, but Edwards somehow manages to make us fall in love with it. He has never been better than he has here-- neither has his wife, Julie Andrews, who gets a chance to shine once again in her later career.
Victoria (Andrews) is living in Paris as a singer; except for the fact that she's a failing singer that is starving and barely able to pay her rent. She has an excellent voice, but she doesn't have the cool façade of a torch singer.
Aging, homosexual performer, Toddy (Robert Preston) walks into the bar he sings at just as Victoria is auditioning, and in his eyes, a star is born. She doesn't get the job, but he decides to take her under his wing, let her live with him, and get back on her feet. It doesn't take long though, for Toddy to come up with a hell of an idea-- what if Victoria masquerade as a female impersonator at the nightclub he works at, considering it attracts the gay crowd? Victoria hates the gimmick, yet before long, it works, and she's known on the streets as Victor.
She becomes a huge hit, and from her first night, everyone is intrigued by her persona. Of all of the audience though, it's King Marchan (James Garner) that falls for Victor, although he doesn't realize at first that Victoria is a man (even though she's not). Marchan is ever homophobic, and it doesn't help that his near stupid girlfriend (Lesley Ann Warren) clings onto him with all of her might!
Edwards captures the warm, even bright atmosphere of some of his earlier films, such as the original "Pink Panther".  Though "Victor Victoria" would be scandalous in the '60s, it's reminiscent of the glowing, classic style of a vintage classic. The streets of Paris are filled with snow, but seem romantic and lovely. The dingy apartment Victoria at first lives in is a dump, but we can feel a sense of hope within. It's this tone that Edwards sets that gives the film half of its charm.
 There are many musical numbers, but they aren't there to give the impression that "Victor Victoria" is a musical-- it's rather a device to get the plot moving, and to make us laugh.  They play almost as satirical bits considering they usually end with some form of comedy. Andrews knows they're meant to be silly, but her voice is simply fantastic; Brooks gets in a song of two and ends up making us laugh within seconds.
Andrews is a delight as usually, managing to use her rather over-the-top, theatrical voice to the best of means-- when she's not, she giving a killer comedic performance. Brooks gives a grand performance-- he does play a homosexual, but not stereotypically, and instead uses a somewhat dry tone when he delivers zingers, something unexpected and quite remarkable; Warren is a later-day Lina Lamont as she easily makes us believe that she's a dumb floozy-- and she's downright hilarious.
"Victor Victoria" is difficult to describe, because there are so many wonderful things happening at once. It's so delightful that, by the end, you're almost sad its over. Edwards didn't have that great of a late career, but this film is anything but a failure.
April 15, 2013
Saw part of this movie over Xmas/New year, it caught my interest so purchased the DVD. This has to be Julie Andrews finest vocal performance in a musical. No contest. I also bought the soundtrack album
April 14, 2013
Julie Andrews is absolutely fantastic to watch. She lights up the screen in one of her best performances as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. Robert Preston also does an incredible job, proving that he is one of the greatest actors who didn't get enough credit for his work. The musical numbers in this film exceed most movie musicals, smartly making it less of a musical and more of a film, being made when it was, a musical would not have been a good idea. Blake Edwards does a great job of handling this piece with great care, giving us one of the first pro-gay films to be made, this really is ahead of its time.
½ April 1, 2013
Imposing period comedy musical, with the identifiable humour of a Blake Edwards film from time to time.
½ March 25, 2013
Blake Edwards at nearly his best.
March 7, 2013
British actress "Victoria Grant" (Julie Andrews) teams with gay impresario "Toddy" (Robert Preston) in 1930s Paris when he gets the idea to get work by having her portray a female impersonator. She becomes a popular act on the cabaret when she runs into "King Marchan" (James Garner), who is instantly attracted to "Victoria", who he believes to be a man in drag.

The movie is filled with many funny scenes, as well as some pretty good musical numbers. There could have been more of each however.

The performances from the main cast, and some members of the supporting cast are great. Andrews, Preston, Garner and Lesley Anne Warren stand out with their performances. Garner and Andrews especially, since they become the central characters.

There are some pretty funny scenes in this movie. There are also some excellent musical performances by Andrews, and some good ones by Preston. There are however some plot holes that are somewhat noticeable. You don't really notice them unless you've seen the movie multiple times.

There aren't really any scenes that stand out, except for when Andrews is on stage. Although, there are a couple of crowd scenes that are quite funny. There are also some fun scenes that feature Andrews and Preston that are helped out by their chemistry together.

This is a movie where the performances carry the story, and is its strongest point. In my opinion, this is a pretty good rental.
½ February 26, 2013
It is good. I like the songs in it .
February 24, 2013
Good, but not great. The problem is that director Blake Edwards can't commit to whether this is a comedy or a drama, so hedges his bets.

The comedy mostly consists of one-liners, and in some ways diminishes the point the drama could have made. The drama had heaps of potential: the search for sexual identity, gay rights, women's rights, but it all seems skirted over. However, in the 80s these were quite topical, and issues worth raising.

Still, reasonably entertaining and Julie Andrews gives a superb performance in the lead role.
February 18, 2013
One of Blake Edward's best films. His physical, slapstick comedy is present, but with that comes an entertaining musical with quirky characters and some great songs. Robert Preston is a scene-stealer alonside Julie Andrews and Games Garner. It has a 60s musical feel made in the 80s and one of the last great musicals of that era.

Grade: A-
January 11, 2013
Julie Andrews has done it again! A superb movie, lots of gay culture innuendo mixed with hysterical comic relief. I recommend this movie for all ages, it is sensational!
December 30, 2012
Complete drivel, how did it get made?
November 18, 2012
awesome funny movie well written & i love this
November 7, 2012
Some genuinely funny scenes in this movie, but the ideas it wants us to come away with are more than clear, in fact they are beating us over the head with them by the middle of this long movie.
October 22, 2012
By far my favorite movie! A must see if you like musicals. Henry Mancini outdid himself with this one. I love that all of the musical numbers were on stage, so they never just randomly break out in song out of nowhere. Julie Andrews and James Garner have such great chemistry together! I absolutely love this movie and have since I was 13.
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