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December 9, 2014
Strange, inadequate 65 minute "movie" about several Buenos Aires women chattering incessantly about love and love affairs. They are actresses in a sort of semi-pro production of the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night. So they're often shown reciting their lines, on or off stage (not costumed). Some mild but boring Lesbian interest here...not offensive. Male writer/director Matias Pineiro strikes me as unhealthily obsessed with all this girltalk (which of course he's supplying for the actresses).
½ April 23, 2014
Es rara, pero termina siendo graciosa cuando entre tanta palabra queda una satisfacción en la nada.
½ July 21, 2013
What a complete waste of time! Wonder who is going to play the lead when they remake this shit in Hollywood...
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