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½ October 4, 2013
Strange little horror film. I liked the way it meandered but I think most would probably find it unfocused. It's most interesting as a parallel to the Italian giallo genre, which its shares many tropes with.
July 3, 2013
Unusually risque and violent for its day; the sleaze factor detracts, however, from what little plot there is.
October 27, 2011
This mean-spirited little picture plays as a sort of proto-giallo, and seems like the direct inspiration for Argento's DEEP RED. All the hallmarks of the genre are here from an ambiguous opening set in the past, torchered artists as everyman amateur sleuths, gloved killers in trench coats, a mountain of sexual dysfunction (some of which gets pretty damned creepy), and a whodunit element that isn't very complicated, but pretty twisted for the era.
July 21, 2010
Now (after being kept guessing throughout the whole thing) that I know just who the Violent Midnight killer was, my only question is: how did the filmmakers get away with all that nudity in 1963!?
½ August 21, 2009
R√?¬§tt intressant liten film om en artist vars modell blir knivm√?¬∂rdad. Det finns m√?¬•nga misst√?¬§nkta och saken f√?¬∂rv√?¬§rras n√?¬§r fler och fler flickor b√?¬∂rjar mista livet.
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