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December 30, 2013
As I told Mindy Cohn when I drunkenly ran into her at a bar years ago, I've loved her my whole life! So, when a friend told me she had a movie on Netflix, I had to check it out. Sure, it feels very much like an independent film, but it has some really nice moments in it. Honestly, I felt that when it focused on Violet (Mindy), the movie was at its best, but when it veered to some of her friends and their story lines, I lost interest.
½ June 3, 2012
Not the best movie but until the law change, we are bound to watch them, lol
I love the new words I've learned: BISS ! That's a good one!
We all have a Violet in our group!
April 21, 2012
A little vulgar, maybe unrealistic, but Mindy Cohn and Samuel Whitten, among others, were great.
½ February 2, 2012
In the hands of a less able director and an inauthentic cast, this movie colud have lapsed into parody with poorly portrayed stereotypes morphing into characterures. Thankfully this does not happen. Mindy Cohn is superbly cast as Violet and she is ably supported. An interesting and entertaining variation of the classic tale of the search for love.
½ January 1, 2012
Quite funny, but also full of cliches.
½ November 23, 2011
Mondy Cohn shines in this gay camp film about fag hags.
Super Reviewer
November 5, 2011
This movie did a good job of pairing realistic characters and conflicts with a handful of sexy fun. At first glance this movie is quite standard, but at it's core, I think there are good messages in it. Some things were almost too perfect (you know, the whole "everyone is happy in the end" bit), but that's not that bad a thing - though it may not be entirely realistic. I did enjoy watching this, but probably won't watch it again. It just wasnt that memorable or special. Still, I liked the story - and totally related to the main character - so that was a plus. No major complaints. If you watch the trailer and think it looks good, then watch it, you'll probably enjoy it to some extent. But obviously, it's not for everyone.

What did this movie teach me? I need to find me a unicorn!!!
October 30, 2011
I love you, Mindy Cohn; but, this movie made me want to gay bash myself.
October 10, 2011
Fantastic!! To quote Chris Carpenter at Movie Dearest: "Chock full of relatable, well-drawn characters, razor-sharp dialogue and witty observations...(Mindy) Cohn's performance and those of the supporting cast are great! Affirmative and it resonates with some of us, I understood Violet so well because I love my gay friends, they are the sunshine in my life and gay men sometimes understand straight women very well..Some of my best friends are gay and I could not imagine life without them!! They are so handsome, dress well, go to neat places, have wonderful taste and their lives seem perfect...Casper Andreas did a phenomenal job directing this motion picture which many "fag hags" definitely can relate to and trust me I dislike the term fag hag or fag stag but they are used repeatedly in the movie. Plenty of cute guys and some of the cast members appeared in Slutty Summer. I adore Casper Andreas films and I think Casper is such a lovely person and human being; his films speak to me and they are terrific! So for all the Violet's out there, we shall find our fag stags! We shall find men who are secure of their masculinity and are very much heterosexual yet are kind and understanding of our gay friends, who support the GLBT community and don't mind sometimes partying at a gay bar because its so much fun...YES I AFFIRM WE WILL FIND OUR FAG STAGS! Thank you Casper for another enlightening, funny, interesting and thought provoking film, highly recommended!!
September 21, 2011
funny. enjoyable. good movie.
½ July 17, 2011
Terrible acting, but actually funny.
July 5, 2011
I enjoyed this gay flick with Mindy Cohn It was funny and realistic
½ March 26, 2011
The much-adored but maligned quintessential fag hag takes centre stage in this delightful film about finding love, self and the mythical fag stag. Though at times contrived and uneven, fruit fly Violet's story is still an enjoyable romp due largely to Mindy Cohn's sweet and endearing portrayal; a role which suits her perfectly. Vivid cinematography and a fun soundtrack rounds off a 100 minutes of harmless entertainment.
March 20, 2011
Thought it would be cheesy but turned out to be a rely good movie.
March 5, 2011
Very funny and shows how balancing friends and a relationship can sometimes be difficult.
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