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When a mishap at a remote medical research laboratory unleashes a mass of genetically enhanced vipers on a nearby seaside community, the only hope for survival is to make it to the shore before the snakes and hope for the best. It was supposed to be a secure facility, but when thieves broke in to the classified medical research laboratory they unwittingly unleashed hell on the unsuspecting locals. Now, as the ravenous vipers begin to reproduce at an alarming rate, they quickly begin to outnumber the residents of a remote island, who barricade themselves in a hotel in a desperate bid for survival. No one seems to know whether help will arrive in time or not, and as the lobby floor becomes a sea of hungry snakes, the only hope for escape is to run for shore and never look back. Tara Reid stars.
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Tara Reid
as Nicky Swift
Jessica Steen
as Dr. Collins
Jonathan Scarfe
as Cal Taylor
Genevieve Buechner
as Maggie Martin
Don S. Davis
as Dr. Silverton
Aaron Pearl
as Jack Martin
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It's a mixed bag, to be sure, but in the right frame of mind it gets the (limited) job done.

Full Review… | October 9, 2008

Audience Reviews for Vipers

I actually enjoyed this direct to DVD movie. The acting is not great, the plot is fairly recycled, and the CG is pretty crappy, especially considering they could have used REAL snakes for some of the shots and got the job done. But overall, It amused me enough that I would, and did, re-watch it. The chemistry between the main characters was plausible enough, and the story at least made sense, which is not alway the case for these SyFy original movies.

Shannon Stovall
Shannon Stovall

I have mixed feelings. I guess it s okay for it being a low-budget horror film. You will keep looking around for snakes while you watch it.

Lanky Man Pat
Lanky Man Pat

Killer snakes with extra powerful venom. MAMA MIA! Who would have funked it? Vipers isn't quite cheesy enough to be amazing, nor is it good enough to be an essential viewing. There are some nice kill scenes, with the snakes being more like piranhas as they strip the flesh from their victims bones. We also get some classic lines such as "Homeland Security? This isn't terrorism, these are snakes." Reid is good in these kinds of films, and at least she's more believable here than in her miscast role in Alone in the Dark. The CGI passes the quality control level for a film of this type. Just a bit too samey and not enough stupidity.

Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock

Super Reviewer

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