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  • Kerry Bradford: I must go on, this jobs got to be finished.
    Julia Hayne: I love you darling.
    Kerry Bradford: That's enough for me. [being told Julia loves him]
    Kerry Bradford: Some consolation to know that I'm not the first person to be fooled by a woman. [Julia]
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  • Vance Irby: [to Murrell] I'll give you 10,000 dollars to do a job for me.
    Julia Hayne: Have you told ME everything?
    Julia Hayne: You're in some sort of danger aren't you?
    Vance Irby: I know what this means to you Julia, but you are the one person that can do it [send Flynn to Vance]
    Kerry Bradford: I never argue with women, and certainly not one with a gun! [with a rifle to his chest]
    Kerry Bradford: When I was a boy in Ireland, I thought the same way [badly] about Englishmen.
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  • Vance Irby: Theres a Union spy in town. [speaking of Flynn]
    Kerry Bradford: I want you, your gold and your friends. [on discovering the secret shipment of gold to the South]
    Vance Irby: They may get me, but thats not important, its the gold thats important.
    John Murrell: You should remember doctor, its not the first time I was here. [arriving with a bullit in arm]
    John Murrell: I'm hoping you aren't thinking of collecting this reward [a bounty is on Murrell's head]
    Dr. Cameron: What do think this is? a sideshow?
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  • Vance Irby: 5 million and a thousand miles... [to deliver the gold to the Confederacy in secret]
    Kerry Bradford: Frankly, I'm not too sure of anything these days. [about Julia Haynes that is]
    Kerry Bradford: Oh anything, and make it a double. [a drink after seeing Julia on stage]
    Marblehead: I wonder what she'd do if we had another drink. [picture on the wall of a near nude gal]
    Vance Irby: What harm can a few southernors do out here [in Virginia City]
    Kerry Bradford: Don't let him question you, he's [Irby] a Union spy. [speaking to Julia who trusted Irby as a fellow southerner]
    Kerry Bradford: I believe in predestination.....
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  • Kerry Bradford: Now Mr. Murrell, your going to tell your boys playtimes over.
    Kerry Bradford: You stay there, if you behave yourself I may come back and get you. [left her on a tree limb]
    Kerry Bradford: I wish you would [fall] I fell ten days ago. [fell in love]
    Kerry Bradford: The interesting thing is what keeps them here.
    Kerry Bradford: I've been looking on the other side of mountains all my life.
    Kerry Bradford: I only understand that we must go seeing each other....
    Julia Hayne: Promise me we won't ask each other questions until we cross bridges and reach the other side.
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