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½ February 15, 2013
It is beautifully taken, well executed and overall greatly delivered though I didn't have much expectations when it was released. But I was impressed by the film-making here. Kudos to Kamal. Waiting for Vishwaroopam 2.
February 14, 2013
Day: Thursday
Date: 14 Feb 2013
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February 13, 2013
Vishwaroopam: Finally watched the movie after a prolonged wait of 18 months. It was clearly beyond my anticipation. He has taken a giant leap in conveying his "faith" in Rationalism.

Bottom-line, It is not against followers but against the Philosophy of theism. In fact in the portrayal he is sympathetic towards the antagonist and pities the misguided path chosen by the antagonist.
Much deviated from the rationalistic path what the protagonist "notions". Clearly well planned courageous attempt towards Kamal's outspoken OSCAR ambition.

Well a question still lingering in my Mind, imagine a world without Theist.... ??????????????????? Thats my takeaway.......
½ February 12, 2013
Kamal Hassan once gain proves his versatility by his brilliance in making intelligent cinema. Perfect screenplay, casts and mind blowing stunt sequences. Overall, it has beaten most Hollywood films.
February 12, 2013
Pretty good under cover spy ops hindi movie, not bad indeed!
½ February 11, 2013
After seeing Captain and Action star bash terrorists, this one doesn't seem to warrant that much criticism..
½ February 9, 2013
Must watch movie before death
½ February 9, 2013
We can expect anything but movie would be EXCEPTIONAL
½ February 8, 2013
superfantastic, astounding, well conceived and brilliantly presented. Incredible screenplay and dialogues backed by stellar performances from Kamalhaasan and Rahul Bose. Kamalhaasan the man is a genius. Left me wanting for more. cant wait for the sequel.
February 8, 2013
why do we love kamal? one of the answer is vishwaroopam picture fu(k&*^% perfect 5/5
February 7, 2013
amazing movie. kamal is an ardent actor of all times.
February 7, 2013
Vishwaroopam is a big leap for indian cinema into an ineternational level.... superb script , flawless direction and a throughout breath holdin performance of kamal hassan made this movie into a gem is a war-drama located in afganistan and NY based on terroism ....awsm cinematography n aur0 3d sound tech. gives u the perfect reason to njoy this movie from a 70mm screen..... in a nutshell , viswaroopam was the dream project of kamal , n he made it as the materpiece with a 'hollywood' dimension.......

i used to respect kamal hassan's acting and other talents , bt after vishwaroopam the resect turned into admiration and nw dyin to watch d second part of this movie.... nw im dyin 2 watch vishwaroopam 2....
February 7, 2013
Totally stupid story, big waste of money and time
February 7, 2013
Simple Question.. Why would Indian Government send an agent into Afghanistan to save America ? Is that too outsourced to India ?
February 7, 2013
Worth every penny. I am not used to watch movies more than once. But i have watched it twice already, and still i desire to watch it again. Awesome cinema. This is Indian cinema to the world guys.
February 7, 2013
One of the best movies EVER made in India !
February 7, 2013
Nice Movie....Everything is flaws.......Thrilled by action....
February 5, 2013
One of the best Indian movies ever!
February 5, 2013
World class first half. Retarded second half.
One of the finest Indian films I have seen, though.
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