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April 28, 2011
R.I.P. Divya. Makes me so sad when I think of her Mysterious Death. Died at the Age of 19.
When watching the Movie I felt to stand up and dance myself. LOL. Saat Samander the song was THE HIT of the 90`s
Right I guess the 95% of the Movie was filmed in East Africa. Kenya!

OH MY GOD Sharad Saxena`s appereance in the Movie, I have seen him playing Villain in Hindi Movies, but he surprised me in this Movie. And what a pleasent SURPRISE.

He played a disciplined (no corrupt) Kenian Commisioner B.L. Roy but really Funny quotes. I still remember the Scene after song "Dil Le gayee teri Bindiya" I laughed my buttocks off everytime I even think of it. Unforgetable Scene.

Over all it is a great Movie.

The only person in the Movie who pronounced Kenya correctly was Sunny Deol. All others pronounced Kinya.
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