Vision Quest Reviews

January 4, 2018
That's the problem with all of "Vision Quest" -- when the movie ends with Louden narrating off-screen his "live for today" philosophy, it's plausible in his mouth, a joke for adults.
October 23, 2004
A movie with some nice surprises, mostly because it takes the time to create some interesting characters.
February 14, 2019
I would hardly be the first critic to suggest that its rote sports-movie structure and the presence of Linda Fiorentino as an implausibly available older woman masks Vision Quest's strange homoerotic subtext.
May 7, 2007
October 27, 2006
January 24, 2006
Its saving grace is the understated and uncanny performance by Modine.
June 25, 2005
November 19, 2004
September 19, 2004
sappy but enjoyable
August 22, 2004
Matthew Modine's affecting performance makes the coming-of-age flick click.