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½ March 6, 2017
A cute romantic comedy.
January 29, 2015
Ginger Rogers' upbeat and fun-loving leading lady is perfect opposite Stewart's shy, but stouthearted leading man. The two work amazing together. It is the epitome of the screwball comedic-romance popular in the 30' and 40's... They're called "CLASSICS" for a reason--This is a movie full of Love, Comedy, and Romance all in one excellent movie. We can't get enough of it! All actors did an excellent job in this one. This is one movie we will never get tired of. It is always ever so refreshing... Ginger & Jimmy jump into matrimony!!
February 13, 2014
Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart are terrific in this charming and delightful romantic comedy.
December 3, 2013
Really liked this movie. Ginger Rogers keeps moving up as one of my favorite classic actresses, just so beautiful and sexy. And she's a great comedic actress, again in top form with Vivacious Lady. Stewart, another favorite of mine, does very good work as well. This movie should be seen more, I think it just falls short of the upper tier of Stewart and Rogers' careers, but it is still pretty great. For being a movie of its time, it's pretty funny that half of the movie is spent with them either talking or looking how and where they can get laid. It's what they can't say because of the times that makes it work so well, I think.
August 28, 2013
Charming but kind of dated romantic comedy, with Jimmy Stewart as a spineless botany professor who tries to break his whirlwind marriage of a nightclub singer (Rogers) to his family. Apparently, the leads were an item when this film was made, and they do make convincing doe-eyes at one another. Rogers, too, is good in many of the comedy scenes. For me, Stewart's entire fumbling persona has always been grating, so I might've liked 'Vivacious Lady' a bit more if he wasn't in it.
August 24, 2013
James Stewart and Ginger Rogers were "an item" when Vivacious Lady was filmed, and their obvious real-life affection for one another pours over onto the screen.
January 20, 2013
Light-hearted comedy vehicle for two likeable stars playing likeable characters. Charles Coburn has plenty of presence too as their foil. It's a fairly slapstick storyline but not slapstick in style.
½ January 2, 2013
it's a delightful romantic comedy from 30's era, it's sweet very sweet :D
August 19, 2012
"vivacious lady" is hilarious! james stewart and ginger rogers are hilarious together, as well as apart. while the story might be lacking a bit, it really makes up for it with it's humor.
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August 12, 2012
I have troubles rating old movies very highly. I guess it is a product of their times, but the stories are quite simplistic. All the fuss because the younger Morgan can't come out and tell his parents that he is married.
½ January 21, 2012
Charming romantic comedy, with a stellar performance by Ginger Rogers
½ October 21, 2011
Vivacious Lady is somehow the only film pairing of Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart that came out of the Hollywood golden age. Seeing how much fun they have together on screen in this excellent romantic comedy, it's evidently a great shame that it stands alone. Full of memorable slapstick set pieces - Ginger getting in a cat fight, Jimmy getting drunk in a cupboard - and what appears to be real affection between the two stars, it's up there with the most charming pictures of its time.The film is also notable for embracing the sexual tension of its lead characters, to great success in one particular scene, which is all too rare in the hands-off romances of post-Hays Code cinema.
October 3, 2011
Absolutely delightful, and often overlooked, screwball comedy that features Ginger Rogers most feminine, and ultimately fully realized, performance. She's the perfect dame opposite Jimmy Stewart's unusually dopey everyman shtick.
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½ October 2, 2011
rarely seen screwball comedy and the only screen pairing of rogers and stewart who were dating at the time. after a whirlwind romance, botany professor stewart tries to introduce his new bride, nightclub singer rogers, to the stuffy academic crowd, especially his father, university president charles coburn. many fun scenes and great chemistry among the cast. u just can't go wrong with drunk jimmy stewart
½ October 1, 2011
Jimmy Stewart looked so young (sigh) but still so adorable; however, the chemistry between him and Gnger Rogers was a bit bland, much like the humor in this film. I admit it was pretty silly at times but it failed to genuinely be funny. The story is a bit too cutesy for me and the characters on-dimension, with the exception of James Ellison,who plays Keith Morgan, who seemed the most realistic and multifaceted. Overall, not the best film from Stewart or Rogers.
August 21, 2011
I LOVED this movie! So funny and sexy!
August 15, 2011
A very Funny Comedy!
August 14, 2011
Adorably ridiculous with Jimmy Stewart shining in his first big starring role and Ginger Rogers with gorgeous hair.
½ August 14, 2011
A pretty decent and charming romantic comedy whose plot line could have been resolved in the first act. But then we would have missed some good acting and zany antics.
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